Key Events

Kirito reminisces about escaping to a virtual world to escape reality as he feels he’s not really a part of his family.

Leafa gets back into the game and meets Recon who says he loves her but is turned down. Leafa and Kirito meet up and duel in which Leafa drops her weapon at the end but Kirito refuses to attack. Kirito tells her that until Asuna is saved, he won’t have properly returned to reality. So Suguha will help him clear this and get him back to reality.

Yui analysis reveals that the guardians are weak individually so Kirito should be able to break through with speed. This time Kirito, Recon and Suguha will attempt it.

As the fight drags on Recon sacrifices himself in kamikaze style to blow a hole in the wall of guardians. Kirito tries to break through but fails. When all looks lost, the Cait Sith and Sylph reinforcements appear. Everyone attacks and Kirito breaks through with a dual sword attack.

He reaches the ‘door’ at the top but is unable to open it. However with Yui’s abilities and the Key Card he got from Asuna, he opens the unopenable.


And finally we see some hax skills from Kirito. If one sword doesn’t even scratch a massive wall of monsters then two swords is surely more than enough to smash through them with ease, because logic. Yeah, I see how that works, don’t we all? And yet Kirito still hasn’t bought himself a second sword, if he ever has the chance I think he will do now.

And also he had a key card that’s supposedly only useable with the right control console but somehow it’s able to work here and open a door that the GMs and DEVs doesn’t intend to open. Though I suppose this is more workable than the double sword super special awesome hax skill. More possible for Yui to get into the game’s mechanisms and open a door I guess, that part’s acceptable enough. The door not opening was the stupider part I thought. Some weird conversations must have happened in the developing phase, person a – ‘let’s have this very difficult final quest to do in the centre’ person b – ‘yeah that sounds good’, person a – ‘and we’ll make it so that it can’t be completed at all!’, person b – ‘that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!’. Something like that, what kind of game has a nearly impossible quest with nothing to gain at the end. Only explanation is that they didn’t expect anyone to complete it, but that kinda makes it worse… what kind of DEVs doesn’t expect their players to find a way to complete their game? Thought I guess Kirito did some hax skills.

Suguha’s actions, although understandable, has caused Kirito a lot of guilt and trouble. It was her fault and problem in the first time why should he need to do anything? I mean yes I can understand her feelings and I feel sorry for her, but looking past that, she just dug herself a huge hole. Luckily though it looked like she was able to grow the wings to fly out of it, by herself too as I don’t think there’s really anything Kirito can do. Although she flew out way too quickly for my liking, she had her heart broken twice yet she recovered within a few hours. And another thing was I don’t understand why she dropped her weapon, why did she want to ‘die’ at his hands? Is that how she wants to apologise? I just don’t get it.

One of the only things I liked about this episode was the BGM. Had some really fitting action type BGM for the Kirito vs Leafa duel and the guardian attempt as well. Sounded like the people at the back of an army beating the drums to raise morale, like in the old Chinese wars.

Well anyway, it’s about time the cavalry appeared and lent Kirito a hand, although if Leafa just gave Kirito her sword at the beginning he’d have been fine anyway. Don’t know why he didn’t use that hax skill from the start. Oh well, guess it was nice and dramatic to have Cait Sith dragons and Sylph soldiers all rush in. Those guardians sure are stupid though, could’ve killed Leafa in one go but they took too long and then backed off even though they still had time to finish her.

The anime’s nearly over so I suppose it’s better to ignore and enjoy. Wonder where Kirito will be teleported to, keeping in mind that he wasn’t supposed to open the door in the first place. Probably confrontation with Sugou in game soon and Kirito will also see Asuna soon too hopefully. He’s finally on the way to the top of the tree.