Confidence & Determination

Key Events

Nanamine will continue using his unorthodox way of creating manga. Ashirogi Muto is disappointed that Nanamine has no sense of pride but is certain that Nanamine will fail.

Kosugi tells Nanamine some revisions he should make, but he goes against his decisions with his group of 50 people and does other revisions and hands them in.

Flashback to when Nanamine was in school where he literally bought friends with money following Ashirogi Mutou’s Money and Intelligence manga.

Yoshida jumps on Hiramaru and Aoki’s relationship to boost Hiramaru’s determination to get a manga serialised as they’re going against Nanamine in that serialisation meeting.

Nanamine’s one shot is published and gets first place. He’s already made the transition from one shot to serialisation in the first chapter and it’s well done.

Takagi wants to create the characters first for Ashirogi Muto’s next manga, an unorthodox standard battle manga. He hopes to get inspiration from Mashiro’s character designs.

Kosugi visits Nanamine to look at the new chapters he’s made and Nanamine lets him in on his secret of 50 people. Kosugi doesn’t approve, but Nanamine gives him an ultimatum, do it his way, or he’s moving to another magazine. Kosugi has to accept.

With the serialization meeting, 2 manga will be published. The first will be Aoki’s manga, and the second, we won’t know until next episode.


Nanamine showed his true colours to Kosugi, although I thought it was a bit too soon, thought he’d hide his intentions a little longer. I mean it almost seemed like he wanted him to find out about his ingenious new way of thinking. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. He’s moving very quickly as it is anyway, serialization isn’t far away, and wouldn’t be surprising if he is serialised. More than likely is him as this arc is focusing on him and if the villain doesn’t have a good ‘lead’ at the start, there’s not much to fight against. The ‘real’ battle will start when he’s published and then PCP can crush him in the questionnaires.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bending the rules a little to find a new innovative way of doing something to improve it. However Nanamine’s method doesn’t seem all that amazing to me. Yes I think using the net is a good idea and getting opinions and ideas from a huge audience of course is also good. But his idea was a little too rash and naïve. One trouble I was thinking of first was that those 50 people he gets ideas from can easily copy some ideas and get it published first then sue Nanamine for stealing ideas. So I hope Nanamine gets faced with someone who copies him and gets published to show his stupidity and naivety for trusting people he doesn’t know. Another thing is that people can and will leave once they get bored, this isn’t their work, why should they care? Trolls may start to pop up and then it’ll be hilarious. These are outsiders, and only an idiot will think that they have your best interests at heart. And this isn’t completely your own work and although Nanamine only wants to be successful, I think pride will come into play at some point when he realises that he’s getting recognition for other people’s work. Related to that, I think people will realise that something’s odd about the manga. One person’s idea will be a continuously flowing river that’s smooth, pile a bunch of ideas into it and it starts to get bumpy and messy. I think someone will eventually notice that. Just remember one thing, getting feedback from people is good, but getting ideas from people isn’t the same thing.

I think advertising yourself is a good idea, but he should use a completely new manga not the one that’s bound by T&C not to be distributed freely. I don’t think he’d be breaking any rules then. Although that does mean hard work producing something new only to give it to people to read for free, but if it’s good and you gain publicity and recognition, all the easier for you to get published, and if not then it’ll just be sitting in some far corner of the internet not doing anything. And you never know, that could be your rise to fame.

I feel quite sorry for Kosugi. He’s just a newbie and already has to deal with such an uphill battle. I think if Hattori got someone like this, he’d knock some sense into that Nanamine in no time. Now up to Kosugi whether he’ll tell anyone, if so, it’s gonna be fun to see what the other editors make of it, and if not, I wonder how long he can keep it up before someone somewhere realises there’s something off about his manga.