Was browsing through some anime dances and came across Bad Apple, as I do so often, because I used to dance to it too. After watching it, there was a video link to Hare Hare Yukai. Been so long since I heard it or danced to it that I decided it would be great for a SOTW so voila. I give you The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s ending theme, Hare Hare Yukai.



Surprised I haven’t blogged a Haruhi theme yet, though then again there’re a few of my more favoured anime that I still need to blog themes for. Though for Haruhi, it slipped away from my top animes list in second season. As you all know endless eight kinda ruined it for the majority of us, but the first series was still good and enjoyable. It’s still one of the better animes out there. Wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourites anymore but one of the more memorable ones definitely. Shame the second season made it infamous.

I don’t actually think the song’s that special. It’s good, catchy and generally a fun song to listen to, nothing you can dislike or love and I wouldn’t mind listening to it at anytime. But really the only thing that made this song stand out so much is the dance that it up with. Anime fans do love to copy dances, most recent one I can remember people copying is Kill Me Baby’s one, now that was hilarious, seen some good attempts at it. So yeah, my point is, the dance propelled it to fame if anything and that’s how I still remember it and enjoy it. I’ve also linked the dance for those who don’t know it, enjoy.