Gilded Hero

Key Events

With Yui’s directions, Kirito locates Asuna and breaks her free from her cage. But Sugou returns, dispels Yui and traps Kirito and Asuna with gravity magic. He tells them that his research into brain control is about 80% complete.

Sugou pins Kirito down and starts to harass Asuna.

When Kirito’s about to give up, Kayaba appears out of nowhere to give Kirito a boost in confidence. Kirito uses Kayaba’s login commands and frees himself from the grasps of the game. Kirito sets the pain levels to the highest and slices Sugou apart.

He logs Asuna out and Kirito talks to the ‘ghost’ of Kayaba in the game. He gives him the ‘seed’ to this world to Kirito and leaves him to do what he will with it.

He finally logs out and rushes to Asuna’s hospital.


Well… that was an interesting episode, to say the least… might be just me, but this episode creeped me out a lot, for reasons I’m sure you all know. But let’s get to that part later, although I actually don’t have that much to say on it but I’ll talk about some of the other things I wasn’t fond of this episode.

So, Yui can break through walls? Or did she only gain that ability by absorbing the power of the key card? Wonder what else she’s capable of now, kinda odd to have breaking down walls as a new ‘ability’ along with unlocking doors, but I guess they’re both similar, blocking an entry into somewhere. Either way, I’m sure that works fine, a little more cheating couldn’t hurt. After all that effort escaping, it took Yui a little tap to blow down a fence, almost seemed too easy. I guess the fact that she’s also a program with near admin level privileges makes it somewhat believable… but still, I don’t understand why one of the wall breaking had to be realistic-ish, as in the walls cracking then breaking away. Would’ve been better if it just disappeared like that first wall, that would fit in with the admin level control of the game type thing.

Sugou’s defeat also seemed a little too easy. Kayaba could’ve appeared a little earlier and got Kirito to hack the game so he didn’t even need to play at all. Feels like it was too convenient that Kayaba grants Kirito the controls at that specific moment when he was about to give up. Though Kayaba could’ve been waiting to see if Kirito’s will could again triumph over machine, and unfortunately it couldn’t. So, what happens if you can’t beat the machine? You take control of the machine, with the help of a ‘ghost’. I actually liked Sword Art Online’s ending more, at least it was more shounen showing willpower overcoming something, this was pure hax. It was also over too quickly and nothing ‘big’ happened, like some big fight or good action. Was too anti climatic, Kirito even gave up. May be just me, but I don’t think that was a great way to finish things up. GM’d his way to victory.

Sugou was great wasn’t he. Yay look at me, I’m so amazing that I can beat you because I control the game so that you can’t move at all. Though I suppose I can ignore that part by what else he did. He’s not creepy in the slightest is he…? What’s Sugou gonna do now in the real world I wonder. Pain level at 0 didn’t look like it gave him that much pain, but I am interested in what physical effects there are, especially after being stabbed through the head.

So yeah… I don’t have much to say about the creepiness/harassment, I just didn’t like it. The entire episode left a bad taste in my mouth mainly because of that. I don’t expect to see this sorta thing in my casual anime… maybe I need to watch more serious anime and less slice of life, either way though, that’s creepy however you look at it… I can handle mass murder, blood, torture, pain etc, but not really keen on sexual harassment, even if it is virtual reality. Though that said, it does suit Sugou’s nature, however he still seems like the usual maniacal villain, nothing particularly unique about him, apart from his choice to harass rather than mess about or torturing his victim. But understandably he doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ Asuna.

Well anyway, last episode next, what will Kirito do with that seed? Is obviously the big question. I don’t think he’ll leave this world like that. That seed will sprout again and a new world will be born under him probably. I’m saying this partially because I know that there’s a continuation after Alfheim, but I also believe that if you’ve spent so long growing up with something, it’s always hard to leave it behind. He spent 2 years in SAO, and he spent all that time in VRMMORPGs to escape reality, I don’t think it’s something he can let go so easily even after finally returning to normality.