Examination & Provocation

Key Events

Rabuta and Peace will end with Nanamine’s and Aoki’s manga starting.

With Kosugi’s negative attitude, Hattori suspects something. He goes to Ashirogi Mutou and they decide to fill him in. Nanamine calls Takagi and Takagi declares war saying that they’ll get his manga cancelled in 10 weeks.

2 of 50 Nanamine’s helpers drop out after hearing about the battle with Ashirogi.

Trouble elsewhere with Hiramaru as he wasn’t serialised and Aoki was so he’s quite depressed. However Aoki wants Hiramaru to be her assistant which easily cheers her up.

Takagi thinks up a 4 chapter arc with climax at 3rd chapter against Nanamine’s 2nd chapter.

The first chapter of Nanamine’s manga’s art isn’t so great, but Nanamine has a ‘secret weapon’ for the second chapter in the form of a returning Nakai.


Cracks already starting to show in Nanamine’s amazing revolution of an idea. Two people leave now, definitely the start of many more deserters. And it looks like Hattori’s noticed a problem, that there were too many ideas incorporated into Nanamine’s story. You know the old saying, too many cooks spoil the broth and that will be something Nanamine needs to get past. Too many people will mean too many different opinions and that’ll eventually lead to disagreements and arguments. Nanamine needs to pick the best ideas and stick with them, trying to get too much in will just make it a mess and people will notice. So, I wonder if Nanamine has the leadership abilities to organise a bunch of people who have no ties to this, are there to kill time and he also needs to keep in mind he doesn’t control them. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle everything, I think it’s only a matter of time before the cracks start to widen and his plans fall apart.

Interesting that Nakai decided to come back in one of the worst ways possible. Working for the ‘enemy’, shows his greed, Nanamine’s obviously offered him something. If he came back willingly or wanted to come back he would’ve contacted someone first, not like this. But there’s no doubt that Nakai will be very helpful in improving the art of Nanamine’s manga. The question is if that’s enough to get him a sustained level of questionnaire votes. Not many read purely for the art, I look at the art probably more than most and like to admire it, hence why I read a lot of shoujo and buy artbooks. However I think I’ve mentioned this before, I know that many people just skim read the text and get through the story. So of course the story still matters a lot, I think art probably matters less than 40%.

I find it ironic on how Mashiro says none of the mangakas will approve of Nanamine’s methods and he thinks back to how Nakai gave his life for manga. Yet now look where he is. By how he looks now and his arrogance, I think he’s turned into someone who’s very similar to Nanamine, i.e. as long as he gets what he wants, he doesn’t care. Unless he doesn’t actually know about how Nanamine’s going everything and was only told about improving the art. In which case I may forgive him if he rages at Nanamine then leaves if and when he finds out.

Big shame that Rabuto & Peace was cancelled. Seemed like it was only last episode that it was serialised, didn’t really last long. All I remember is hearing about its serialisation and the next time I hear about it, it’s cancelled. However it seems that his parent troubles are behind him meaning he’ll stay a mangaka. In which case I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next, although probably nothing that interesting, but would be funny if he ends up beating Nanamine when the cracks widen into gaping holes.

I doubt Kosugi will be able to deal with Nanamine for much longer, he needs to step up soon or he’s just going to be played around with and get nothing done. He doesn’t seem the type to step in though, but everyone snaps eventually, wonder when Nanamine will cross that all important line.