Impatience and Return

Key Events:

With the stigma of unemployment it was easy for Nanamine to lure Nakai back into the manga world and work for him. Nakai gets good working standards but his resolve’s shaken slightly when he finds out how Nanamine’s getting his ideas.

Nanamine’s first chapter places 2nd and he blames that on readers not understanding the story well enough, so he’ll just dumb it down. 2nd chapter also places 2nd thanks to the improvement in art from Nakai. 3rd chapter dropped to 9th with PCP holding at 4th for 4 weeks in a row. Kosugi’s analysis shows that his overlapping with PCP is taking him down. People who vote for him also vote for PCP but ranks PCP higher.

When conversing with his group of 50 later, arguments break out forcing more to leave.

4th chapter dropped to 13th as he tried to dumb it down. Also there are only about 25 of the 50 left as Nanamine’s anger shows. An idea out of desperation is to steal Ashirogi Muto’s ideas before they publish them so it seems like they’re copying off Nanamine, so send a spy.

Nakai later becomes depressed after seeing Hiramaru and Aoki together.

5th chapter for Nanamine is in 15th. So hanging on the edge, he calls Takagi to challenge him to do a similar story so they can see who’s better. But Takagi doesn’t take the bait.

Aida finds out about Nanamine’s idea through leaked information on the net but Kosugi doesn’t want him to tell anyone yet as he wants to try and make Nanamine see the way.

Hiramaru’s published again and Nanamine’s lost the plot. He asks Kosugi to steal Ashirogi Muto’s ideas, but Kosugi doesn’t. However he does get permission and Ashirogi’s agreement for them to do the same story as Nanamine. So the difference between the two can be seen.


So Nakai didn’t know about Nanamine’s methods when he was employed there. Although he was shaken by it, I’m not sure he’ll care that much. I think Nanamine purposefully looked up Nakai’s history and invited him in particular because he could probably get Nakai to draw well out of revenge. Of course Nakai is one of the best out there, that we know anyway, so it’s natural he’s targeted, but his other motives are pretty good as well.

Have you noticed Nanamine loves ripping things up? Anything he’s unhappy with, he goes rip. Instead of the usual scrunching up, which is easier to clean up afterwards…

Nanamine’s dumbing down attempt failed. I’m surprised he even suggested that, I thought he was cleverer than that. How would he feel about reading a complex story and getting into it or trying to understand it for it to suddenly become too simple? It’s a huge change and people will notice. Manga readers aren’t idiots, they can tell when you’re trying to make it simpler and I for one think that’s an insult on everyone’s intelligence. Drastic changes like that doesn’t work, unless it’s very well done. And besides, the easiest way to ‘dumb it down’ would’ve been to remove the mass amount of randomly shoved in ideas that makes the story stupidly overcomplicated. If you took out one idea at a time by properly finishing them off, or giving that particular idea a good conclusion, it could actually work in your favour and improve the story by making it more readable and it’ll flow better.

Doesn’t look like Nanamine’s gonna be able to organise his group of 50. He doesn’t look like he had natural leadership abilities. Whoever rages when people say they don’t like his methods or work etc and asks them to leave is only an immature brat who can’t accomplish anything until he changes his attitude.

Well, Nanamine’s not going to win at this right, he’s overlapping and that’s proving a huge failure, so I wonder how much more he’ll fail before he gets some sense knocked into him.

Oh and happy holidays everyone. Enjoy yourselves.