Light & Nothingness

Key Events:

Kai and the rest are forced back to the real world, exhausted.

And without further ado, Aichi vs Leon get underway. Leon firstly predicts Aichi’s defeat before they draw. Aichi has to hurry as the space around him starts to crack under the power of Void.

As the duel goes on, the power of the void slowly drains away Aichi’s strength until he’s unable to stand after withstanding a Maelstrom attack. But with the help of the captured Blaster Blade he stands back up and with Blond Ezel’s ability calls out Blaster Blade Spirit. But Leon manages to guard everything and crossride.

Key Cards Used

Royal Paladin Grade 2: Blaster Blade Spirit

  • [Counter Blast (1)] When this card is placed on (RC) from deck, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent’s grade 2 or greater front row rear-guard, and retire it.
  • At the beginning of the close step of the battle that this unit was attacked, retire it.
  • This card is also treated as Gold Paladin.


And here I thought the duel was going so well, as in at a normal pace, at least for me. My duels tend to be pretty short, I have seen long duels but they’re rare. So yeah, was thinking they’ve gotta drag this on somehow and all that void taking over Aichi and Blaster Blade coming to help is good enough. Plus Aichi wasn’t able to finish Leon off dragged it into a second episode. I’m not surprised, I’d be more surprised if it ended this episode, but a final duel like this has gotta last more than 1 episode.

Blaster Blade coming back part was a bit too cheesy, even for me who like cheesy things. Although the card Blaster Blade Spirit is very interesting

Wasn’t Misaki and Kamui supposed to be dueling? From what I saw, they were just standing around not doing anything. Couldn’t see any sign of a duel table or cards. And also, I think I may have noticed a mistake. Didn’t Aichi take 2 damage during Leon’s first attacks? Yet when Leon dealt damage in his second attack it looked like Aichi only took 1 damage. That just me or was that a mistake? Another ‘mistake’ was Blond Ezel’s effect. I know for a fact that his Limit Break only checks and calls the top card, yet when it was activated, the top 4 cards of Aichi’s deck moved and the 4th card, I think, lit up. So either he was cheating or Blond Ezel’s ability’s changed without me knowing. And also I don’t see why he didn’t spam Blond Ezel’s ability again as he had the counterblast for it, sure Leon had a perfect guard, but Aichi didn’t know that.

I was thinking he’d bring out a Blaster Dark Spirit or something too and then bring out another new unit for Gold Paladin that promotes more mixed clan decks. But oh well, Blaster Blade Spirit is enough for that promotion anyway. And as I say that, I just checked BT09’s pack list and I noticed Blaster Dark Spirit actually there. So Aichi will more than likely use that next episode when he’s being taken over by Void and Blaster Dark will give him a boost.

So, you may wonder why I’m reviewing Blaster Blade Spirit, well, the main thing I wanted to direct your attention to is his last ability to be Gold Paladin. A much better mechanism for mixed clan decks, I’m wondering if this is the start of something new? This would easily open up mixed clan decks for those people who don’t want to risk anything with cards that need mono clans. Haven’t seen any proper mixed clan decks as of yet in competitive play, nothing really works yet, but may see some when Majesty Lord Blaster is released. However maybe that’s why they released a card like this, because Majesty Lord Blaster didn’t entice enough mixed clan play so this will be the thing that does perhaps? I’m also wondering about Blaster Blade Spirit’s second ability, does that mean that even if the attack is guarded he will still be killed? That would make sense as a 10k beatstick with that kind of 1st ability is more than powerful enough. This card could easily fit into any Royal or Gold Paladin deck. Could easily use Alfred to spam him out for a 1 card advantage, i.e. you call one, they lose one and it could be losing an intercept too. Definitely a card I’d use, I just want more clarification on its 2nd ability then I’ll know what to do, so I’ll be checking up on that later.

Not sure if next episode is last, but I don’t think they can drag the duel out for another episode so it will probably end next episode. What’ll happen then is up in question, it’ll probably end there, the world is saved and all that, but a final boss like a corporeal form of Void could appear for a last duel.