Struggled for one this week, as I’m not in a “songy” sort of mood. But this will do.

‘Raison d’être’ is one of Nightmare’s many songs that have been used as anime themes. Granted, the opening video to go along with it and the cutting of the song to a whole 1:01 isn’t that great, but the original is. So, even though it isn’t the best opening theme ever, this is a very good song. It has something I feel is rare for J-Music these days – a good guitar solo. Plus, I can’t believe I haven’t put any Nightmare songs up yet…

Either way. Claymore was a good anime with a solid (but incomplete, in my eyes) story. Good animation and good plot means its a good series. And there is some good from the themes, at least, as the ending theme is actually quite delightful when cut down.

Anyway, here’s the mutilated version and the full version for your pleasure.


TV Version


Full Version