Imitation and Unconsciousness

Key Events

Mashiro isn’t bothered by the news but he is worried about Takagi as he’s the one thinking up the stories. Hattori decides not to bring it up and will laugh it off if Ashirogi bring it up.

Takagi does bring it up but Hattori reassures them. Even so Takagi is affected.

Nakai’s now jobless in the streets trying to scrap a living. He gets drunk and shouts harassment at Aoki outside her apartment. Hiramaru comes but Nakai knows that he’s being unreasonable. Hiramaru understands Nakai and asks him to be his assistant to which he agrees.

Takagi’s newest chapter only ranks 8th, chapters after that keep falling into double digits.

Elsewhere, Eiji tells Yujiro that he will now start taking first place in rankings and the memory of what he said when he first moved to Tokyo comes back, to end a manga he doesn’t like if he becomes the top mangaka.

More bad news comes as there’s a second crime pulled off in a style similar to PCP. The chief editor tells Hattori to reassure Ashirogi.

Takagi becomes more frustrated but Mashiro thinks of something. The next story is about a copycat crime in which someone in the manga uses PCP’s name but everyone else knows it’s not PCP as they wouldn’t commit real crimes and they don’t cause trouble. They rise back up to 3rd place in the rankings with Eiji taking first.


Takagi lost it for a moment, that’s a rare sight. But if something you created becomes the centre of a big crime, or even related, I think you’d feel the same way. It’s not nice and does make you think more than you need to. Not to mention Ashirogi Muto isn’t exactly full of experience with this sort of thing and they’re young too. Easy for them to be influenced slightly by things and it’s the first time something this big has happened. The editorial department probably have been through a fair few of these types of things so they just get on with what needs to be done. Takagi lost his way a little, but what won’t kill you will only make you stronger and he thought it through in the end so if this kind of problem occurs in the future he’ll know how to deal with it.

Eiji’s aiming for top, what could he want to end? I can’t really suggest anything as I know what was going through his mind at the time and I don’t want to spoil anything for you either. But I will tell you that I can remember at the time my thoughts were that this was just a warning to everyone else, a challenge if you will, come drag me off my throne if you can, if not, you could be heading for a huge fall. Weather that was right or not, I won’t say. But I will say that his idea was interesting.

Didn’t think Nakai would stick around, though I suppose even if he wanted to go back home he wouldn’t be able to handle the shame of losing a job that fast. I find it ironic that he gets drunk and starts shouting abuse at and blames the one person that helped him get his manga career properly started. Aoki really should’ve called the police, though maybe she felt partially responsible as her manga did fail. Although Nakai was being unreasonable, at least he had the decency to admit it and also wound up working for Hiramaru. That’s going to be an interesting pair to look out for. Hiramaru’s drawings, as we all know, is pretty bad, hence why he only draws gag. With Nakai’s help, could he actually do something much better? Under Yoshida’s ‘guidance’ I think this could be the start of a beautiful partnership.

I didn’t think this arc would last only one episode, but I suppose the faster they sort this kind of problem out the faster they can move on with their manga. I’m pretty sure the next arc will last much longer, that being the Eiji keeping hold of the number one position. Will anyone be able to drag him down from the throne?

Note: Forgot to mention is last blog, but the blog on the 1st of Jan was the 1000th blog. So yay!