In week 82 of SOTW, if anyone remembers or care to check, I blogged the opening to the game Atelier Rorona. 12 weeks later, I have finally completed the game. It took me much longer than usual and if you’re wondering why, it’s a long story. Whilst I like telling stories in SOTWs for how I got to the song, this one’s a bit too long, so to cut it short my PS3 broke and I tried to get it fixed at a local computer store but they screwed up and failed to notify me. So after a few weeks of fruitless waiting, I decided to wait for Christmas to buy myself a new PS3.

After that I resumed playing and finally reached the end of the game last week. Now, if you’re not familiar with these types of JRPGs, I’ll tell you that most of them have many variants to the ending depending on which character you want to see the ending of. Rorona has 14 endings and to get to the scene of the ending you have to go through the unskippable credits in which the ending song plays. So… having listened to a song over 14 times because I failed to do some endings right and had to redo, I grew rather fond of it. It’s not surprising it got stuck in my head and now I’ll attempt to get it stuck in everyone else’s heads too.

Enjoy Atlier Rorona’s ending song, Fushigi no Recipe.

A lot of people joked about going crazy after going through the credits and this song so many times, but I started to enjoy it after about the 5th listen. Didn’t think much of it at first. If anyone was wondering I am now hunting for the final trophy on Rorona which involves tracking down all the monsters in the game. Isn’t a difficult thing and I’m stuck on the final monster which requires some luck to see. Unfortunately my luck sucks… so this may take a while. Wish me luck.

Edit: Forgot to mention I won’t be able to blog until Friday at the earliest. I have two assessment days coming up on Tuesday and Thursday both in faraway places meaning I need to stay over the night before. So i’m traveling on Monday, assessment day on Tuesday, traveling on Wednesday, assessment day on Thursday. As you can see, a pretty full week in which I won’t be able to properly blog until I’m finally back on the Friday. Maybe someone else will blog something, but unfortauntely I have to say see you on Friday.