Continuity and Obstruction

Key Events:

Crow’s taken first 3 weeks in a row.

Yoshida comes up with a new plan to motivate Nakai and Hiramaru involving Nakai dieting and trying to get a girlfriend.

Fukuda’s manga gets a boost to overtake PCP in the rankings when the anime airs.

Everything seems fine with Eiji so Yujiro stops worrying about that promise to Eiji to end a manga if he keeps taking top place. However Eiji comes into the editorial department one day to see the chief editor and gets permission to end a manga.

This gets the editors in a negative mood, which Fukuda picks up on and so he gathers everyone to discuss what Eiji may want to end. They can’t reach a conclusion so they confront Eiji. The manga he wants to end is Crow. He wants to end his manga his own way without editorial influence as they will want to keep it going. He came up with the condition of staying first 10 weeks in a row, with 5 weeks left. And then he’ll take 10 more weeks to end it. So if he can’t get first 10 weeks in a row then he’ll continue until he can.

No one wants him to end it this way so they’re all determined to beat him. Eiji takes up their challenge and says that he will continue it if someone can beat him before he writes the final chapter, giving them more than the 5 weeks.


When you stop and think about it, ending his manga was the only choice. I’m sure the editorial department wouldn’t have allowed him to end someone else’s manga, that’s not up to him, and sure +NATURAL is partially owned by him, but Iwase can easily find another artist, though would probably fail. So the only possible manga left he can end is his own. As the Sherlock quote goes “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Eiji’s feelings are quite understandable, ending something how you want it is a desire all writers have. They want to start a story and end it the way they planned it. Just because it’s popular or unpopular shouldn’t impact on how their story goes because it could easily backfire and force them to think of something that doesn’t fit with the story and it’ll drop in popularity. In fact ending it at its most popular is the best thing, leaving a good memory of how amazing the story was from start to finish therefore people will recommend it to others and more people buy it. If you wait until it gets boring no one will remember it, if they do it’ll be for the wrong reasons. So for all the reasons there, I completely agree with Eiji that he should end it the way he wants at Crow’s peak popularity.

So in the end it did turn into a challenge of sorts from Eiji, even though he didn’t mean it like that. But when everyone’s there turning up the heat you can’t help but get dragged into all the competitiveness. Which was a good turn of events, instead of Eiji just steadily finishing his manga, it’ll now turn into a heated battle of manga.

There wasn’t much development on Hiramaru and Nakai but I think Yoshida saw in the team what I saw, that Nakai can improve the manga substantially. And he’s got the plans to boost the motivation. I know he can make it work. But a skinny Nakai huh, I think anyone’s going to be impressed if Yoshida manages to pull that off. Well that’s probably what he’ll be doing seeing as I doubt Hiramaru’s manga can compete with Crow, so he’ll be in the background slowly improving. First place is too big of an ask for now.

With Eiji they made someone that seems like he can’t fail. I would be very surprised if Eiji was taken down, and if that does happen, something really big and convincing will need to happen to make it believable. However I don’t think the authors want Eiji to continue with Crow. If he stops Crow and comes up with something new, that could be the best shot at beating him. In fact that would coincide well if Ashirogi Muto also started something at the same time battling it out for the top spot. But anyway that’s pretty far into the future so I’ll think about that later, but for now it’s going to be a long battle to try and drag Eiji off his throne. Arc climaxes are the best way to gain a boost in rankings so timing of the climax will be crucial and I think that will be one of the main ‘weapons’ everyone uses. Aren’t many more things I can think of now, you wouldn’t want to overlap as you’d probably give him more votes, so the best way is to divert the reader’s attention.

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