Stand up the High School

Key Events:

A few months after the Vanguard Circuit, Aichi is now in high school at Miyaji Academy. He’s having trouble fitting in as no one plays Vanguard because they’re all too into their studies.

A kid named Ishida, who’s bored by everyone’s seriousness, decides to follow Aichi after school one day. He’s surprised by Aichi’s ‘other life’ and learns about Vanguard by dueling with Aichi who’s using his new deck which is basically his old Royal Paladins turned Gold Paladin. Ishida loses but really got into it, buys the deck and runs out the shop.

Kai and the others come by and say hi.

Next day at school, Aichi’s class gets a new transfer student, Kourin.


And this season kicks off with a pretty standard opening episode for a TCG anime. A new character is introduced, which gives the perfect opportunity to recap the rules of the card game for any newcomers. Reintroduce all the main characters and set the scene i.e. the school. So not much happened plotwise. But no matter, I was more interested in the Liberator Gold Paladin/Royal Paladin mix up. Wonder if they have the same abilities as their Royal Paladin counterparts, I’ll check that up later.

I noticed Misaki got a haircut, I liked her long hair, but I guess it’s probably school rules. Although Kourin had long hair…

I’m surprised Ishida went along with all that calling out stand up vanguard stuff, some enthusiasm. I remember going to a tournament with a few hundred people in the room and they asked us to say stand up vanguard at the same time to begin, was hilarious, I was too tired to think much so I didn’t join in… but hey, at least people are showing enthusiasm. But yeah, back to Ishida, he really got into it by the looks of it. Looks like they have another vanguard enthusiast on their hands, another customer for the shop.

At first I thought Ishida seemed like a new Morikawa, but he seems more like a tsundere to me now, an odd one… Not sure what to make of him yet, but his red hair told me he’d use Narukami or Kagero. Something Dragon Empire related definitely and those two are the newcomer friendly ones, I’m basing that on them both having trial decks out.

But anyways, standard opening episode, everything’s pointing to, including the synopsis, a vanguard club at school. Aichi will probably do that, with a few people pushing him and joining including Kourin by the looks of it. Although I wonder why she’s there, thought she wasn’t human and not to interfere with stuff. Nothing much to say here until we figure out what the overall plot is. If it’s a standard nationwide school tournament kinda thing then I’d be quite happy. They work after all, for me at least, I loved Hikaru no Go, Chihayafuru (can’t actually remember if it was school tournaments), Saki etc. No world endangering evil force this time then, but who knows. Depends on what this ‘link joker’ means as well.