Key Events:

A girl, unnamed, wakes up having had a weird dream filled with fire and finds out she can’t remember anything.

She apparently works at a maid and butler café and is followed by a spirit named Orion who apparently caused her amnesia.

He tells her not to let anyone know she has amnesia as she needs to come in contact with her peers to gain her memory back.

So she goes about her days normally attending work and talking with those who work there.

One night when she returns from work, she is confronted by 3 girls who she remembers to have bullied her to the point of traumatising her and she faints from remembering a distressing experience with one of the girls.


First thing’s first, the art is beautiful. It’s not often you see an anime with art this nice, you can really tell they put a lot of effort into it and I love it. The story and how they’ve gone about keeping this girl unnamed however, not so much love for that from me. I’ve found that it irritated me a lot as there were many opportunities for things to happen but they didn’t and because they didn’t it keeps the girl unnamed, however it makes it feel so unnatural. I’ll explain in the next paragraphs/rant, maybe they meant it to be unnatural, if so, then I don’t think it’s a good way to do this.

So at the very start she wakes up with no idea who she is, who anyone else, where she is or what she was doing. That’s fine, keeping a good mystery vibe to the story and feels interesting. But then when someone comes in who seems to know her, is it that difficult to say something like ‘I don’t know who you are?’ I find it unrealistic that she didn’t say that at least once, it’s one of the natural things you’d say if you didn’t know anyone and they came up to you as though they’ve know you for ages. Another thing I find unrealistic is that no one mentioned her name once, you’d think someone at least would say it coming into the room, something along the lines of ‘name, are you alright?’ whilst rushing into the room. It’s not just speaking her name that was unrealistic, not having her name around was too. When she was changing her clothes I was thinking there could’ve been a tag with her name on, or when she got home you’d think there’d be something with her name on there. I have many things in my room with my name on, letters, cards, laptop, books etc, it’s hard to think that there’d be nothing with her name on at her own house, not even a name plate outside of the house with your surname either.

Sure later you find out from Orion that it was a good idea not to draw attention to her amnesia so she could avoid hospital and interact with her friends, but she didn’t know that at the time. And if you get amnesia you wouldn’t be thinking about anything like not causing a fuss, you’d be too worried about who you are surely. Also wouldn’t it be normal to want to know who these people are if you realise you used to know them? Another thing, if you purposefully let them know about your amnesia and then insist not to go to the hospital, wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity to interact with everyone as they would be trying to help you remember? I mean, you don’t actually need to say you have amnesia, just phrase your words nicely like saying your mind went blank or your head still hurting or you plainly forgot or it slipped your mind etc.

Also would you really go home with people you don’t know? Even if you think you have known them, it’s still pretty dangerous. Though I guess she wouldn’t have known where she lived, but Orion might’ve. And it’s quite suspicious that you don’t know where you live. Oh, and there were plenty of opportunities to say her name on the way back. It’s not like the two guys don’t say each other’s names as we found out what they’re called in their conversations. It doesn’t seem logical.

I’m surprised that she just went straight to sleep though. No freaking out or checking everything in your belongings to remember things? At least look for your name… but maybe she’s tired and confused and perhaps thinks it’s a dream that she’d wake up from.

I remember reading something in a synopsis about Amnesia talking about a ‘nameless’ girl, so I was expecting something better planned. As I’ve said, the unnatural non-mentioning of her name is irritating and makes it seem like a girl with a name that people just doesn’t want to say, rather than a ‘nameless girl’. And already there’re so much that doesn’t make logical sense in this. But I’ve decided to blog this nonetheless. Oddly enough it was because of all the illogical things and problems that helped me make that decision as I felt I had to say something about it all. I also want to stress how much I love the art of the anime too. Even with all the irritation it caused me, it’s still a very intriguing anime and I am going to carry on watching it.

Extra: Another new anime that caught my attention apart from the 5 I put down on my preview list, is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. I watched the first two episodes and the talk of peace and war attracted me in as you can tell it isn’t going to be a typical battle fantasy, which most people who don’t know it, probably expected it to be. So far it’s been interesting talking about the economics behind war and why nations would want to keep up war as it pays. However I guess I’m more interested in seeing how the Ami (Maou) and Jun (Yuusha) partnership works. For those who don’t know, Ami and Jun voiced Holo and Kraft respectively in Spice and Wolf, which by now I think you all know is one of my favourite anime. So yeah, that’s another anime I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Note: Sorry for the lateness of this blog, had a fair bit to sort out this week as I may actually have a part time job in two weeks time. It’s looking good but I’m being pessimistic as usual at the moment because of a certain issue. So yeah, I know episode 2 is out, I’ll get that out soon.