Catching a Break

Key Events:

Kourin was sent to Aichi’s school because Takuto wanted Ultra-rare to experience a normal school life. Of course, this infuriates Morikawa.

With no vanguard club at Aichi’s school, he decides to form one himself. He gets no attention until Kourin joins and random people follow suit. To deter them, Kourin makes a rule so that only people who can beat Aichi or her can join to show that they’re serious. So they get a huge queue. No one wins and when things calm down, Ishida appears.

There is some background story behind Ishida as he’s seen Aichi before when he attended Miyaji primary school and was bullied. Ishida didn’t do anything to help and felt guilty so he really wants to help Aichi start this club. He wins against Kourin through a ‘well timed’ trigger and is accepted into the club.


Good to see Kourin still staying strong with Royal Paladins. I feared they’d died off because of Aichi’s old Royal Paladins ‘changing’ to Gold Paladins. But I’m glad to see they haven’t and instead have come up with a new archetype known as Jewel Knights which I believe comes out in the next pack, pack 10 Triumphant Return of the King of Knights, next month. As the pack name suggests, most likely a lot of Royal Paladins, Jewel Knights will hopefully one of a few new archetypes, they need the reinforcements. Eradicators of course look good too, especially with a new deck out too. Don’t know if I’ll bother with them yet, need to see more.

I was wondering whether Ishida would notice Vowing Dragon’s limit break or not, and no was the answer. The electronic duel mat had to tell him. Break Ride is an interesting idea, I think they really want to make grade 4s but know it’ll change the game so creating all these new rides is the next best thing. Grade 3 riding ability is fine, they’ll probably make break riding better than cross ride to half replace it, I’m interested to see what else they can come up with. I was thinking maybe a new clan out soon, but Aqua Force was pretty recent so maybe not. Would require thinking of a new dueling mechanic to focus on. And also they need to flesh out more of the neglected clans like Nubatama, not seen much of them.

That Ishida really really got into it this time as well… he’s even made a speech for his rides, like a pro. Though he needs to work more on his names, break time was pretty bad.

Aichi’s finally getting his club set up and of course Kourin, after introducing herself, would be the first to join. That drags in a huge group of fans in, just like what happened on Chihayafuru’s latest episodes if anyone watches that. I honestly didn’t expect Ishida to win, thought he’d lose and Kourin would let him join anyway seeing the fire in him or something. Though there were a lot of people watching so that would stir up a huge rage with them. Gotta be fair I suppose.

Just Misaki and that other guy from the opening left to join and there’s their team of 5. I’m assuming they’ll be then competing in school tournaments or something and facing off against all their former teammates. Reminds me of that season of Beyblade where the original team of 4 broke up to their old teams to face each other, if anyone remembers that. But anyway yeah, interested to see who the unnamed member is. Also a small thing, I was also wondering what schools Rekka and Suiko went to, probably posh private schools or other high achieving ones.

Note: Heading out yet again for another interview on Thursday, tomorrow, staying over in a hotel overnight, as always it’s a farawat place. Won’t be able to blog until Friday unfortunately, I’ll see you then.