Key events

The heroine losses consciousness in the face of people who’ve caused her trauma. Later Orion decides it best not to ask them for the full story as they may take advantage of her amnesia. And information could easily leak out about the amnesia.

The part-timers at that restaurant is meeting up to continue organising an outing, the heroine manages to play along. She also remembers a time when Shin told her that he had killed someone.

She spaces out at the lights and is nearly ran over but is saved by a long green haired person that she doesn’t remember.

On their outing she remembers about Kento promising her something in a festival, but couldn’t follow up on it as he doesn’t remember it.

Whilst walking to the top of a hill Shin and the heroine becomes alone. She gets scared as she remembers the memory of Shin telling her he’s killed someone and runs away only to fall off the edge of a cliff.

She wakes up in a hospital to find that the date is August the 1st again. Shin comes in and forces a kiss on her.


Well, after that initial burst of irritation about this ‘nameless’ girl, I’ve calmed down a lot and starting to find it quite intriguing. She’s slowing piecing together her memories together now and the odd bits you get do catch your interest. It also reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal with Astral collecting his memories, probably can think of other examples, but I’ll leave it there. But yeah, Shin killing someone was obviously going to stir interest. And then Shin kissing her out of nowhere like that, intriguing too. Is he her boyfriend I wonder? I remember in the synopsis someone comes saying he’s her boyfriend, and being kissed out of nowhere like that seem to suggest that he is, or at least could be. That may be why he keeps looking at her wondering why she’s not talking that much to him anymore.

The anime seems rather dark, more dark than I expected. What with Shin killing someone and those girl’s definitely looking to do some harm to the heroine. Plus I remember all that fire at the beginning of the first episode. Can just feel something dark’s going on. Which is a part of the reason why I’m still watching.

I was thinking she shouldn’t really be thanking Orion for being there. He made her forget in the first place, she wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for him. So yeah… him being there’s more of an obligation and righting his wrong if anything, not really something to be thanked. Small details I know…

So it’s August 1st again. Could she be in some sort of time loop? Time looping could be involved in some way as they’re focusing on this date at the moment and I’m wondering why. Either that or the clock on the wall’s wrong, could happen to confuse her, not that I see the point in that. Or perhaps she’s jumping between parallel universes and always jumping to 1st of August? Though that’s also sorta related to time looping.

Either way I don’t have anywhere near enough information to form a good prediction of what it could be. Let’s see what we have so far. Burning church building, a floating spirit named Orion, heroine forgetting everything, her ‘friend’ Shin killing someone, her other friend promising her something, waking up again back in time. I think that’s it in the two episodes. Not enough to work with, the only thing I can get out of it, which I said earlier, is it relating to time travel, or perhaps she dreamed a lot of the events and she’s only now waking up on the 1st of August for real. Actually yeah, perhaps dream related too, another way I see getting around this time looping back thing. Apart from that I don’t know yet. Will wait and see more clues.