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Confidence is high with Ashirogi Muto as they think they’ve got something that can win with their latest challenge against Eiji.

The chapter is based around the centre colour page, which is an ‘invitation’ letter of sorts in the manga that is given to PCP’s main group by Sigma who they’re trying to find the identity of. On the back, Sigma says he’ll reveal who he is if they see him at the time and place specified on the photo.

The chapter is well planned and at the editorial department there are mixed feeling about if it can beat Crow or not as Eiji upped his game as well.

The trick is explained and it’s indeed very well done.

However, results day come and they came joint second with Giri with Crow taking first.

Crow ends well and everyone comments on a job well done. Eiji goes around to everyone’s houses to thank them all. He also declares to Ashirogi that his next manga will be the best manga ever.


Now this is an episode I enjoyed. I thought it was nicely paced out building up good suspense and tension between the mangakas and editors. More importantly that suspense and tension was felt clearly for the viewers, at least it was for me, though I think many of you will agree. The suspense was built over half an episode slowly revealing the trick Ashirogi used in detail outlining how amazing it was and because of that we saw that there was a definite chance they could win, and maybe some of us even expected them to win with this much build up. There was even that early result suspense building too, sure the early results weren’t revealed until after the main results, but the surprise that the editors showed was enough. But they weren’t able to win, I remember saying that the authors have built Crow and Eiji up to be this unbeatable ‘villain’ if you will so I would’ve still been surprised if they won, even so this build up made me think that winning was possible. What I was surprised about was Giri getting joint 2nd, again with all this built up and you’re expecting Ashirogi to come out on top, they suddenly get caught up by Giri as well as not reaching top? Just seems a little strange, though that said, Giri is indeed your typical sports shounen manga.

Shame they didn’t show how Crow ended. I would love to see it, it’s not very often you can see the ending of a long ongoing popular shounen series akin to Crow. Sure we didn’t see the whole story, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an ending. I’m sure they could’ve made up something but I guess that wasn’t their focus and they do better with clever tricks than shounen endings. Oh well, Eiji’s already writing a new series so this is gonna be good, if Ashirogi start a new series they can time it to Eiji’s start and then directly compete with him. But again, they’ll have to build up like they did this episode to make us believe Ashirogi has a chance to win.

I’ve actually forgotten what arc’s next, but I believe there’s only 2 or 3 arcs left, so should be on track to finish this season. Mixed feelings about that so far, though mainly negative at the moment. But we’ll see how the rest of the season goes. If the other arcs are done to great quality then I won’t have much ground to complain.

But nonetheless, I’m very satisfied with this episode, paced it right, emotions were running high, tensions were right and the end of Crow’s impact was good. And finally for Eiji, it’s the start of something new. Was nice of him to visit everyone and in essence declare war again.