Key Events

Herione comes out of the hospital with a bandaged neck. Shin follows her back home, helps her out and leaves later but notices something wrong.

Herione wonders why Shin kissed her and also wonders if all that she’s seen so far is a dream.

The next morning, we find out that he is her boyfriend and they’ve been dating for 3 months. But Shin messes around with her and figures out that her memories are confused.

He explains that he’s her childhood friend and shows her the college she attends. He’s her junior in the high school on the same campus. She’s in a band as the vocalist and Shin shows her the room she practices in, but still, she remembers nothing.

Shin tells Toma about the amnesia so he can help her out at work.

Seems that the accident that caused her neck injury was indeed when she fell off the cliff. When she starts work again she confirms this with the other two girls there. However something is different as two of the guys, Ikki and Kento were apparently just people they met on the trip and not part of the part timers here. Also during this trip, they didn’t go to see the meteor shower.

She meets that green haired person again, but he disappears before they could have a proper talk.

When heroine asks Shin about the accident, he refuses to talk but he admits to hurting her. Suddenly she hears Orion’s muffled voice.


This episode was actually rather interesting. On first glance it didn’t really clear anything up and made it more confusing, but after looking again more closely I’m starting to think it’s giving a lot more than at first meets the eye.

To start it, Shin’s leading the heroine around and reminding her of what seems to be a pretty normal high school life. Which is when I started wondering where the darkness and mystery went. Was all fine, almost ‘too normal’ and not clearing anything up until she got back to work and asked about the accident. She fell off the cliff in episode two after August the 1st, but then woke up in the hospital on August the 1st, meaning that she must’ve fallen before August the 1st. Not even a time loop can explain this, the only logical explanation here I think is two different timelines, or parallel universes. Otherwise what happened was time moving forwards, then moving entire events back. But the events aren’t the same, leading me to think that it’s more to do with different timelines. If the events were the same, then I would’ve thought that whole events were moving around a single timeline. However that’s not the case, so it has to be two different timelines, only explanation I can think of. Also, the people are the same as well, but not the same at the same time. A time loop can’t explain that. I’m repeating myself I know, but I guess I’m also trying to convince myself, it’s just gotta be different timelines or similar. She’s merely remembering different timelines explaining why Kento didn’t remember that thing he promised her at the festival as that was probably a different timeline. So the Shin that killed a man may not actually be the Shin that’s the herione’s boyfriend. Which opens up so many possibilities and I’m enjoying it so much more. If it isn’t different timlines, then I’ll be very interested in how else they explain this.

I had to laugh at Shin’s attempt to kiss her, giving the excuse of attempting to jog her memory. Yeah sure, of course that’s what you were trying to do. Kissing a girl who you know that at this point doesn’t recognise you and is in distress, a great idea giving her more confusion.

Also I was thinking those girls that ‘assaulted’ her outside her flat were probably from her band. I think during that timeline maybe they liked one of the guys at the café and the heroine had promised to introduce them to him but instead got unknowingly ‘cozy’ with him herself, and maybe even became her boyfriend and so they were understandably annoyed. But not enough to hurt her and so left her when she fell unconscious.

So yeah, big thing that I’m predicting from this episode is parallel universe/alternate timelines. Although still not sure on what the overall storyline is, no real ‘goal’ apart from getting her memories back, but I’m sure there’s something much bigger going on. What do you think?