Targeted Idol

Key Events:

Aichi and group bump into Misaki so he tries to get her to join the club, but she refuses giving the excuse that she has the shop to look after. And apparently she’s known as Miyaji’s ‘Bancho’, so Ishida steers clear. All the while, some weird stalker is following the group.

Back at the shop, Miwa and Izaki can’t convince Misaki to join Aichi’s club either and it looks like she’s built a brand new deck.

The stalker’s named is Shingo Komoi, Ishida catches him in the act which turns into a duel.

From that duel we find out that actually, Komoi’s was stalking Aichi. And he doesn’t like the fact that Ishida, who he thinks is just a delinquent, is hanging out with his ‘hero’.

Komoi wins against Ishida and joins the club. Someone lurks in the shadow looking to cause some disruption to Aichi’s club creation.

Key Cards Used

Narukami Grade 3 – Eradicator, Gauntlet buster dragon

  • Limit Break 4: When you use a unit’s effect to send an opponent’s rear-guard to drop zone, during this turn, this unit gets [Power]+3000/[Critical]+1.
  • [Counter Blast (2) – Cards with “Eradicator” in their card name] Your opponent chooses one of his or her rear-guards, and retires it.
  • Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)


I think I’m forced to change my opinion on the romance side of things in this TCG anime. I honestly didn’t expect Misaki to be interested in Aichi, I don’t think she showed much interest before. Or maybe I just didn’t notice… but either way, I’m still surprised that she’s acting like a tsundere and getting jealous over Kourin. So, Misaki and Aichi may actually have something going on here. I’m now unsure how the romance is going to end up. I’m still supporting Kourin x Aichi, mainly because I think they’re both interested in each other and Misaki’s not making anything obvious. And this being Aichi, he won’t notice anything. In Kourin’s case, he may have not noticed anything, but you can see that he has an interest. I think he considers Misaki more of a friend than anything. Whilst we’re talking about Misaki, I’m sure she’ll join the club eventually, just playing hard to get at the moment.

So Komoi uses Murakumo, more additions to them. But still no Nubatama… I think the creators have given up on them. I know that Murakumo are part of the Nubatama in the manga, which is interesting. Meaning that Nubatama probably isn’t going to be getting any new cards. I don’t know why, but it looks like Murakumo’s completely replaced Nubatama, either that or they’ve forgotten one of the first clans they created.

Been a while since I’ve reviewed a new card, but I thought I needed  to give one of the newer ones a mention as I would like to use Narukami at some point and the Eradicator archetype as I’ve said before look good. It’s got a new type of ability relying completely on its own archetype cards to activate its ability, i.e. the counterblast cards has to be Eradicator. I think from what I’ve seen already there’s quite a lot of cards from the eradicator archetype so making an eradicator deck shouldn’t be that difficult. And of course the limit break ability works well with its own counterblast, and also works well with the theme of Narukami which is retiring rear guards, I think anyway… It’s been ages since I’ve played against or played Narukami but I’m sure I remember they destroy rearguards like Kagero, meaning that its Limit Break’s got good synergy with the clan and archetype. The easy crit increasing may actually make it so that you can include less crit triggers in what would be a usually a very damage heavy deck. I’d put more stand triggers for more attacks to wear down your opponent’s hand. It’s an okay card for an interesting archetype, nothing that impressive but I’m sure they’ll release more powerful eradicators as Ishida seems like a main character this season. But for now I just wanted to direct some attention to one of the new archetypes I’m keeping an eye one.

Whilst we’re talking about new cards, I want to make a quick note that I’m looking forward to the new clan from United Sanctuary, Genesis. It’s the new deck from Misaki and I liked the look of some of the cards. Not sure on the whole soul charging and soul blasting focus as I always associate that with Pale Moon and Dark Irregulars, but I’ll decide how good they are after I see a duel from them.

Was fun to see that Komoi was actually stalking Aichi. That’s still rather creepy, but oddly refreshing… If that makes any sense. I just found it really amusing, I think we all assumed he was stalking Kourin and then wondered how he got into the club, until he started talking about his hero being at the top of the vanguard world which then I realised he was talking about Aichi and I started laughing. He’s going to be an interesting person to watch, and he’s already got a nice rivalry with Ishida. A fun club slowly appearing. Looks like some hurdles they need to get through in the next episode, but probably nothing difficult.