Zombies and Demons

Key Events

+NATURAL is on the verge of cancellation and she doesn’t know what to do. She locks herself in her room and refuses to write. But after a heart to heart with Mashiro and a visit from Team Fukuda (minus Eiji), she cheers up and is back to her old self.

Big changes are taking place at the editorial department as Sasaki moves to Chief Editor of a new starting magazine, Hissho Jack. Team leader Nakano also moves. Heishi is now Chief Editor of Jack, Aida assistant chief and Yujiro promoted to team leader.

Sasaki visits all authors before leaving. Ashirogi and Sasaki apologise to each other for the troubles and hardships they’ve put each other through.

Eiji already has a manga ready, aiming to show it to Sasaki before he leaves office. So Ashirogi will attempt to match him with a new manga. Both of them go for the idea of a ‘dark hero’. Eiji’s idea is a zombie protagonist including a love story with a human girl and Ashirogi comes up with a story about a normal human with demon powers with wrong ideals facing against a demon of justice, two protagonists making it a standard battle manga.


A somewhat relaxing episode after the hectic Crow finish. Many changes around the editorial department and hints to new series to come from the likes of Eiji and Ashirogi, also maybe Iwase as her manga struggles she could be looking to start fresh with something better.

Speaking of Iwase, what’s with all that paper on the floor? I’m pretty sure she uses the laptop to write, I think she’s smart enough to know that it’s just wasting money if she’s still writing it on paper and then scrunching it up. Which oddly reminds me of a conversation related to this I had with a friend many years ago. We were thinking because of the digital age, there’s hopefully no more scrunched up balls of paper for failed ideas as you’d just write on the laptop, but we both said that we could just scrunch up paper for the fun of it, kinda releases some stress as well. So maybe that’s what she was doing? Yeah… anyway, not important.

Thought they’d drag out the emotions a bit more in Iwase’s recovery. From the speed at which she went into depression and out, I didn’t even have time to react. Made me feel nothing for her, in fact just made it seem like she doesn’t matter to this story with how much little episode space she was gven. Guess that’s the problem with this season as I’ve pointed out multiple times. I think it only took 5 -10 minutes for her to go in and out of depression.

Well I guess the episode was more of a calm episode without raising anything serious and just relaxing after the big battle with Eiji. Also allowing things to move forwards as Sasaki leaves and Eiji and Ashirogi both coming up with new series that looks likely to compete for the top spot in an upcoming battle.

So I’ll move onto Ashirogi’s new idea, which I think is an interesting concept, with one person not really a protagonist or a villain, and sorta having two protagonists. Though I’m not sure how it’s going to work like that, the dark one’s gonna have to be the villain, and most people will see him as one too, unless of course that they do create a proper villain that is pure evil and the two will work together with their own ideals to bring him down even if one of them has sorta evil ideals too. Because of the darkness it is rather non-mainstream and if it’s just the two of them I’m intrigued at how the story will have them both as protagonists. Will it work? It’ll have to I suppose.

However the main question I’m thinking about is what will happen to PCP, will they be allowed two manga in the same magazine? Eiji did it as he didn’t write the story for one of them so you could see how it was allowable, but PCP and this new manga will be written by them, so will they have to cancel PCP? And if not and they are allowed both, can they handle the workload? I think before anything can happen that should be the main thing they need to worry about first. Mashiro’s been to hospital once, he can’t keep pushing himself like this, but I think whatever happens this new manga will start as this looks to be the one they’ll pit against Eiji’s new zombie manga to fight for the top.

Note: Apologies for the lack of blogs for the past few days. Forgot to mention that I was on another assessment day and wasn’t able to write during Wednesday & Thursday. Though maybe some of your guessed that now. I am back again and for now I know of no other assessment days that will distract me from blogging. However! I am starting a new part time job and so far I don’t think that’ll bother my blogging, but I’ll see how it goes. No worries, I’ll do everything in my power to keep this blog again, I enjoy it too much to stop it, the worst that’ll happen is I’ll reduce my blogs to 2 anime per season, but I should be able to handle 3 as it’s only part time. I’ll keep you all updated if anything happens.