Key Events

Heroine hears Orion but can’t locate him and his voice disappears.

The restaurant guys decide to put on their own fireworks display. There, Shin tells her about what happened in that accident. It was similar to what we saw in that they talked, she ran off and fell off a cliff, but the content was different and was more of an argument that Shin’s rushing things.

Another bit of information is that she saved Shin when he was about to break. He tells him that his father had killed someone. The scene was exactly what she remembers when he told her that he had killed someone, but it’s different as it’s his father.

After that, the people around Shin saw him differently and he fell into despair. But the heroine was able to drag him out and tell him to never give up.

Shin and the heroine are left along in the park later where they restart their relationship.

As she walks out onto the road, a speeding truck approaches, but before she could be run over she loses consciousness.

She wakes up from a phone call from Ikki, the date is August 1st, again. None of the notes she wrote down were there. Ikki plans to come by and invite her on a day out.

When he arrives a lot of girls surround him and the heroine recognises three of them as the ones who traumatised her.

A girl called Rika appears on the scene.


Hmmm, more and more confusion thrown into the mix. But nothing that’s changed my theory on it. She’s simply woken up in another timeline/parallel world/universe and is now back to August the 1st and will now go through this storyline a bit. Although something happened in this episode gave me more to add to my theory as Ikki’s being overly friendly with our heroine as though he’s her boyfriend. Could it be that in each different timeline/world/universe the heroine is the girlfriend of a different boy? I do remember that Shin wasn’t all over her in the first timeline/world, which I did find odd when thinking back. I think this works as I’ve seen nothing that objects to my theory. Just that I wonder how she travels between the timelines/worlds, by falling unconscious? Or perhaps it’s when she dies, and by that I’m assuming falling off the cliff and the truck both killed her.

The only thing I’m now wondering about is how and why she lost her memory, what’s with the date August the 1st, who is Orion and what does he have to do with anything and also that burning church clock scene at the start, what was that about? Those are the bigger mysteries of this series.

Shame this episode slowed it down a bit, it was building up a good atmosphere with the last 3 episodes and development this episode has been similar. But that’s fine as it has definitely pulled our attention towards the date august the 1st and directed our focus to the constant moving around she’s doing. But still, I feel they must be releasing some sort of clue next episode as to what’s going on to keep it fresh right? If she wakes up again in another world/timeline I feel it may get a little old, unless we have some idea as to the purpose of it. Sure it’s only been four episodes so far but I wanna move on now. Raising more questions is fine, but do it in a different way.

Hoping to see some clues on what’s going on next episode then, rather than spiralling more and more into the mystery, not that that’s a bad thing.