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Key Events:

Ashirogi has submitted their one shot named Reversi and Eiji’s new one shot is called Zombie Gun. Both will be published one after the other with Zombie Gun going first.

Mashiro hears from Azuki, she’s got a main role in a popular football manga turned anime.

Zombie Gun gets first place in the rankings with 692 votes, record for a one-shot. So Eiji is told to prepare serialisation chapters.

Reversi also comes first and sets a new record with 694 votes. They have prepared the first chapter for serialisation but with PCP still out, it’s going to be difficult to get it serialised.

Eiji won’t submit serialisation names yet as he lost by 2 votes and isn’t happy.

Reversi’s goes through to Hissho Jack. After hearing this news Eiji writes serialisation chapters for Zombie Gun as Reversi will be his opponent.

Reversi’s in Hissho so Hattori won’t be the editor. And later a drunk Hattori makes it clear that he wanted to edit Reversi.

At the serialisation meeting, Yujiro wants to move PCP to Hissho and publish Reversi in Jack. They bring Hattori and Ashirogi into the meeting and agree to that decision.


Congratulations are in order I think. Ashirogi has finally beaten Eiji at his own game. Happiness everywhere and with Azuki finally back in the picture again she’s also moving up in the world. You can tell that they’re building up for the two to cross paths soon what with her success in a main role in a popular manga turned anime and Ashirogi finally beating Eiji. One of the main reasons I started watching this anime was because of the romance involved, I found it rather cute, so I’m glad that it’s finally back after such a long time. I honestly had forgotten about Azuki at some points.

I found drunk Hattori hilarious, though I also found him exaggerated a bit. I’ve always seen Hattori as a sensible professional. I just don’t think he’d act so unprofessionally outside of work. Though that said, he was with Yujiro, who I guess he considers more of a friend, and I don’t know how much he’s drank. From what I see he looked like he was drinking whiskey. So I suppose if he’s drank a fair bit he could be quite drunk. But bottomline is I found him funny because of the exaggeration, if exaggerated, I haven’t been drunk enough or around drunk people enough to know what people would act. And another thing was, where was everyone else? Hattori probably scared them off, anyone would back away from a single drunk shouting his head off.

Anyway, good to see that they spend an entire episode dealing with what I thought would be a very important factor for them to start Reversi, that being having 2 series at once. But that was dealt with nicely and tied in well with the build up of Sasaki leaving and moving magazines. Seems almost too convenient if you ask me, though I guess if the authors had started Hissho jack too early, they’d have nothing else to write about it and then I’d be ranting about useless information. But I’d then be happily taking that back once I see the use for Hissho jack and complimenting them on the planning of it. However everything is sorted out and they found a way that they can plausibly do 2 series at once and gives them more freedom with PCP. Probably won’t hear more from PCP though.

I think we saw how serious of a country Japan is in the working environment. When studying some Japanese culture I always hear about how the working culture is pretty serious and how authority there is so important. In the UK most of the time it’s pretty relaxed and leadership ladder in a company doesn’t matter that much when it comes to talking to each other, making jokes and being friendly. But I from what I hear in Japan a company’s chain of ‘command’ is to be taken seriously and with respect. I think if it was UK, Hattori and Ashirogi wouldn’t have been so awkward when saying that they wanted Reversi in Jack. But apart from that, if you’ve landed a job in Japan it’s very stable and you should be fine for your career.

Back to the anime and I’m looking forward to the next few episodes. Mainly hoping to see more romance and interaction between the much neglected Azuki and Mashiro and of course the much awaited manga showdown between the two main rivals of the series.