Here it is: the 99th song of the 99th week. Thus meaning next week will be the 100 milestone. So, since I’m not doing that one, I thought I’d “celebrate” the achievement here, using the 99th post as a proxy.


Apart from my cheap segue, that was quite good.

So, a while ago I said I’d attempt to introduce people who read the SOTW blogs to other anime that they wouldn’t normally go for, via the music. The segue from earlier is thus leading to Ergo Proxy.

Ergo Proxy is a sci-fi steampunk genre, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth after an unknown global ecological crisis. Humans live in domes with androids called AutoReivs, and the plot works it’s way to a mystery/suspense story, with philosophical undertones. All in all, it’s an epic.

So. What type of song can grasp the nature of such a complex anime? Why, it’s opening ‘Kiri’ can, of course. Haunting guitar lines, atmospheric chords and a good vocal line, the song is pretty good. However, it really shines when paired with the opening video, which looks as though retro-made on an old video camera. With film.

Overall, the song and video pair extremely well, setting the stage for the dreary environment in which the anime is set, plus setting up at least some tension for the suspense and mystery that follows in the episodes.

Why don’t you just listen instead of hearing me out?


TV Version


CD Version