The Birth of the Cardfight Club?!

Key Events

The student council’s targeting the vanguard club and that has affected the entire student body to not take their flyers and ignore them.

Aichi tries to invite Misaki to the club at the shop, but Kourin stops by and says that she’ll only accept her if she’s serious. Which for some reason puts her off.

The student council declares that if clubs don’t register by 6pm with 5 members, they won’t be able to form. So Misaki pays a visit, but is chased away again by Kourin’s harsh words.

Just as time’s about to run out, Misaki comes again declaring that she’s the fifth member. But as club regulations, she must beat someone from the club, so she will play Aichi.

She beats Aichi with her new Genesis deck and they submit their application for a club. However it was rejected on the basis that they have no advisor, but the student council gives them a chance saying that if they can beat another school’s vanguard club, of their choice, they’ll allow them to be a club.


Oh the mystery! Who could they possibly be up against? We’ll never know until the next episode! Okay, I’ll stop with the sarcasm. Didn’t expect them to go up against Kai and gang so soon. When they said another vanguard club, I was expecting new characters or rival schools that would introduce some more archetypes and more powerful vanguard players. But we just get familiar faces with only Kai that’s any good. From the preview it’s Kai vs Ishida, I think we all know who’s going to win that. The experienced Narukami player who can stand his ground against the antagonist of last season, or the newcomer who’s barely played? I wonder. So Kai will take the first win and if it’s a team of 3 people then very likely Aichi and whoever else will take two wins and they’ll pass this test of the student council.

What I don’t get is why the council’s actually giving them this chance. If they need an advisor to form a club and they don’t have one, shouldn’t that be that then? If the council’s so determined to disapprove of the club then why give them a chance to form? It’s like in all the James Bond films they leave him to ‘slowly’ die and he escapes. I dunno, but I don’t understand it.

Misaki’s acting quite the tsundere… don’t see why she keeps dodging the chance to join a vanguard club. Whatever the reason, Kourin knows that she’s going to be serious. Well either way she’s finally in and it was good to see Genesis. If you’re wondering why I’m not listing any of the new cards as Key Cards, it’s because I don’t feel there’s enough there for me to comment on. Frankly, I don’t think either Artemis nor Iwanagahime is all that amazing. Yeah they’re not bad, but from all the overpowered units we’ve seen, this is a step down. But don’t get me wrong, I like that as it won’t fall into the trap of having to make the meta more and more overpowered to keep a balance. However until Genesis gets a really nice card, I don’t think I’ll have that much to say, unless it’s an ‘interesting’ card, thought I don’t know whatever it is that’ll interest me.

Keeping on the topic of Genesis, I do like them, but that’s mainly because of the artwork. My thoughts on how they’re played is very different. I think the vanguard creators are running out of ideas as they’re using soul again. And the focus is on soulblasting. I find that too similar to Dark Irregulars and yes I do realise that DIs are more utilising the size of their soul rather than blasting it, but I guess I’m just generally not a big fan of soul. However I would use Genesis as aesthetics play a big part in what I choose to main. And I quite love the looks of Scheduler Angel and Prophetic Queen Himiko. So I’ll probably give some comments on one of them once they’re played in the anime, more likely the latter.

Looks like the first arc is definitely going to be forming the club like I said before as by the looks of things they can easily drag it out for another few episodes. So moving forwards, probably not that much in terms of story for a bit until the club becomes official. Oh well, time to see what Kai’s got up his sleeve next episode. I’m expecting some new cards.