Key Events

Ikki and heroine spend a nice day out together to see a film, acting rather intimate. Herione still doesn’t know what’s going on, she suspects that they’re a couple but then what does that make of her memories with Shin?

Orion finally reappears later at night and explains that she might not be in the same world as the world where they first might. But this could be the ‘real’ world. However before Orion could explain more, he disappears.

At work the heroine again notices a completely differently Waka and Ikki are surrounded by girls again. They head home together where Ikki mentions something about one month and the heroine keeps receiving texts about a daily report.

Sawa comes into the café as a customer and tells the heroine some disturbing rumours that Ikki plays around with his ‘girlfriends’ for 3 months then tosses them aside.

Kento appear later and wanted to challenge Ikki to a maths puzzle. Heroine gets tied into it and arrives at Ikki’s house. And after Kento leaves, Ikki asks if she’ll stay behind.


So looks like a clue is finally given to us as Orion mentions something about different worlds. I think it’s nearly safe to say that my theory of there being parallel worlds is at least somewhat on the right lines. Unfortunately though, that’s all we got this episode in terms of figuring out what’s going on.

Apart from the one clue, we learnt a bit more about the Ikki that is probably the herione’s boyfriend in this world. He’s a bit too popular, not sure I’d trust him, but I do like his hair. What I’m guessing is going to happen for Ikki regarding the 3 month thing is that he doesn’t want someone who just instantly falls for him, because that seems to be his ‘ability’. So he waits three months and if the girl isn’t head over heels yet he’ll continue dating her. In other words, he likes the ones that are hard to get and someone who isn’t affected by his ‘ability’. I guess at least that means he’ll be faithful if he can find ‘the one’. The whole love conquest thing being too easy isn’t good I suppose.

Actually nothing else I want to say, apart from I wonder why Orion can’t stay there. But the simple explanation is probably because she’s caught in a weird time space continuum thing and so he can’t easily get to her. And there’s that anonymous text, but nothing big is being made of it yet.

I feel that the series has slowed down a bit now, maybe that’s because I’m more interested in what’s going on overall, rather than the individual characters. I suppose if you’re interested in what Ikki’s hiding then it’s paced alright. But for me, it’s slowed because a lack of overall story continuation. However I do realise this is by the looks of it a reverse harem so I don’t mind it so much for focusing on a potential match for the heroine. If it was just on the overall storyline which I think I’ve pretty much figured out, then there won’t be much left in this anime. So, I’m going to shift my focus onto the characters now and hopefully then I’ll enjoy it more.