And we’re on week 100! Finally into three digits, a long time’s gone by since I started this and as cliché as it is, that seemed like only a week ago. Though then again I can’t remember much from last week. So to commemorate the occasion I wanted to blog a song from a long time ago and after restarting an anime I took a short break on as the Chinese dubs are slow, I thought I’d do one of the openings for it. I think you know which anime what I’m talking about, if you took at look at my watchlist. That’s right, it’s Detective Conan/Case Closed’s first opening, Mune Ga Dokidoki by ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓ which was released a long 17 years ago. Matches with what I’m watching and matches what I aimed to blog, what more can I ask for and quite a nice song too.