First Match! Miyaji Academy vs. Hitsue High School

Key Events:

The match will be a 5 vs 5, the team with most wins win. The first match, by the luck of the draw is Kai vs Naoki, a Narukami vs Narukami.

The win, as you would expect, goes to Kai showing off a new Eradicator grade 3 card Dragonic Descendant.

The next duel will be Kourin against Izaki.


I think we’re all pretty certain that Kamui’s the fifth member of Hitsue. I’m not sure how that works, has he already passed the entrance exams or is he 100% certain he’s attending Hitsue, or are Hitsue and Kamui’s school related? The third option seems the most likely, but even then I’m not sure if that should be allowed, i.e. why can’t Emi go into Aichi’s club as their schools are related. So yeah… not sure how that works, but whatever that’s not important.

Related to that point, I can now see why it’s a 5v5. Originally I saw only 4 members on their team so in my last episode review I assumed it was a 3v3, or if it was a 5v5 I was hoping they’d introduce a new character. But neither happened, they pulled Kamui into this to make it a 5v5, in which case my predictions are thrown off a little. If Kamui makes an appearance, then it’s just like the old days with a few new characters. I’m still expecting more to be introduced but I guess two for now is alright. But once they settle down and we continue with the story I expect more characters to show up. Or at least returning characters like Kenji and I wanna know where Leon’s gone, I believe he’s definitely coming back as I think I remember seeing his new outfit.

On a side note, there’s quite a lot of resemblance between Naoki and Morikawa don’t you think? Apart from the fact that Naoki’s got potential, everything else is pretty similar at least personality wise. Both like to talk a big game even though they got nothing and they sure are arrogant and loud. Or maybe that’s just me, then again even Izaki thought so too.

And speaking of Izaki, next duel will be interesting. I actually don’t remember ever seeing Izaki duel. I think he has, but it’s that long ago that I remember nothing. Although that said, it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss for Izaki there so I have a feeling they won’t even show it much and skip through it with a win for Kourin in a few minutes, or less.

For the rest of the duels I had thought Komoi will face Kamui, but from the preview it looks like it’s going to be a duel for old times’ sake between Misaki and Kamui. Can’t be too sure on this duel, however I think it’ll play out going a win for Hitsue, then win for Miyaji, then Hitsue, then two wins for Miyaji as this’ll keep the tensions high until the final duel. If this is the case, and Izaki loses, then I think Misaki will lose, that’s my prediction as Kai and Kamui are the only two good players in Hitsue so they’ve gotta win.

Well anyway, good that we’re seeing Genesis again and maybe Kamui’s got something new up his sleeve as well.

Note: Things are hectic where I am, a lot of things happening, blogs won’t be on time for a bit, apologies, but I’m doing the best I can.