Key Events

Herione doesn’t stay with Ikki that night as she’s too uncomfortable.

Mine is off ill at the café so it’s just Ikki and heroine. After work, the green haired guy comes to warn her not to make any enemies and walks off.

Apparently heroine hated Ikki before and suddenly she joined his fanclub at school and then they started dating.

Days later, heroine heads out on a trip with many girls and Ikki and 2 other guys.

Ikki explains to herione when they’re alone, that he made a wish to be popular with girls. That wish came true but whenever he dates a girl he can’t get close to the person and after 3 months they’ll leave him.

Later at night heroine is called out by Rika who tells her about the promise she made of giving reports to Rika of what heroine and Ikki gets up to everyday. Hence the anonymous text messages. That was the agreement for going out with Ikki. Once three months are up, she has to break up with him. Because of her failing to keep the promise they push her into a boat which floats out into a lake. Orion reappears but the boat breaks apart before he could say much.

She slowly sinks into the water and Orion’s unable to do anything.


Everything’s tying together nicely in Ikki’s arc, the promise, the report, etc. nothing more about what’s going on overall, but that’s fine. Gotta feel sorry for Ikki though, he feels like he’s been cursed, his fangirl club just toying around with him and because of that, horrible rumours of him being a playboy is spreading. Gotta wonder about the intentions of those girls, I don’t think it does anyone any good with only 3 month relationships. I’m surprised no one’s been tempted enough to break that rule, tell Ikki what’s going on and stay with him longer. You’d think being with him for 3 months would be enough for someone to desire strongly to stay with him that they’d risk the consequences to attempt it. I suppose they could have but Rika and group have just ‘taken them down’. Another thing is why herione joined the fanclub to start with. If her aim was to get with Ikki then why couldn’t she just befriend him the normal way and start dating then, I don’t understand why she needed to go through the club, unless she heard about the club’s plans and wanted to clarify and even tell Ikki about it as she may have felt sorry for him. The answer to that may come next episode. Or at least hopefully come before she moves onto the next boyfriend assuming that’s how things are going now.

Keeping on the topic, wasn’t the promise mentioned in the first episode? I thought that the first episode was a world where she didn’t have any relationships. Either way it certainly didn’t look like Ikki’s world. In which case I’m wondering if those girls are talking about the same promise. What I was thinking was that whichever world she goes and whichever boyfriend she gets he’ll always have that fanclub and a promise form that fanclub that relates to the guy. Or at least maybe a few of the guys, basically not just Ikki.

Orion’s finally back, probably managed to stabilise himself in this world. So, we should be able to hear more about the overall setting of this anime once the herione gets out of this watery situation. Probably Ikki will save her after realising that she’s been missing for a while. Oh and another person I’m wondering about is that green haired guy. Like the other people his personality also changes with whatever world herione’s in, but he just pops up here and there. I wonder what his purpose is, could he be her boyfriend in one of the worlds too?

Note: SOTW will be a bit late this week as I try to find someone to do it for the third person rotation, if I can’t I’ll do it myself. But I think I have found someone.