The Ringer is a Middle School Student

Key Events

Izaki’s match finishes up quickly as a win for Kourin and next up as predicted, it’s Kamui vs Misaki.

A close match throughout with Misaki coming out on top with good use of Iwanagahime.

The roulette turns again and it’s Komoi vs Taishi. Komoi underestimates him not knowing that he’s Kai’s dueling partner and is beaten badly ending it as 2-2 overall in the team match.

So last but not least will be Aichi vs Morikawa. Everyone expects this to be pretty much done and dusted with how they all know Morikawa, but it turns out that Taishi and Izaki switched Morikawa’s deck with something much better, a kagero deck built by Kai.

Key Cards Used:

Nova Grappler Grade 3: Beast Deity Ethics Buster

  • Limit Break 4 When a Nova Grappler rides this unit, you may choose one of your vanguards, and that unit gets [Power]+10000, and gets “When this unit attacks a vanguard, [Stand] all your Nova Grappler rear-guards in your front row.” until end of turn.
  • When this unit is boosted by a Nova Grappler, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.
  • Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)


Well, I got something right in that it went to 2-2. I still think it’d be right if they went 2-1 then to 2-2 as that way there’s two chances of Miyaji losing the overall teamfight. But oh well, guess they didn’t want Misaki’s new deck to lose, bad publicity for the new clan I suppose, plus the two are quite even anyway.
So it was because Kamui was also in Hitsue that he was called over and allowed to enter. Guess different schools have different rules regarding how many people are needed to form a club and where they can be recruited from. Yeah, that’s acceptable.

An odd question, and I think I’ve asked this before, but I wonder what the Link Joker means . Asia Circuit was pretty obvious from the start of last season, but Link Joker hasn’t really related to anything so far. I think it’ll be similar to the second season and be the name or related to the name of the inevitable vanguard school championships. Which could likely be held by Tatsunagi, but I would like to see someone else get involved here.

I really wanted to review a card this time as there’s been so many out and I haven’t done any card reviewing. But even though I’m reviewing Ethics Buster I don’t really rate it very highly. especially when there’s still Asura Kaiser and Death Army Cosmo Lord. I mean sure it stands 2 units rather than the usual 1 from other effects like Asura and many other grade 3 Nova Grapplers. But use Asura with Death Army which stand if you reveal a grade 3 and there’s two stands. And Ethics Buster can only be used once because the break ride is a one turn effect. The 10k power is still nice though. Maybe I just like the old vanguard decks but I still think Asura Kaiser and the Death Army Archetype would be my choice of Nova Grappler. But extending the Beast Deity archetype isn’t a bad idea, I just think the old Asura can still stand on par with them though. For a high powered one turn finisher, it’s quite good, I suppose that’s what they’re trying to do speeding the game up.

Looks like I was right and they didn’t give Izaki a chance to shine. He lost in less than 10 seconds episode time. And again, I still have no recollection in my brain of Izaki playing a duel. Unfortunately he’s just there to lose. Like Komoi was against Taishi. Although I thought they may show some of that seeing as it’s Tachikaze from Taishi and there could’ve been something there. But by the looks of it they only care about the main characters. And speaking of main characters, ‘the’ main character up next. I didn’t think they’d show this duel but thanks to Kai’s deck building skills we will be seeing this duel, or at least some of it. I think we can safely assume a win for Aichi, but I wouldn’t mind something interesting happening. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing some Kagero finally back in action being a Kagero user mainly myself.