Hot Springs and Confirmation

Key Events

Ashirogi Muto decide to take a short hot spring vacation as they have some free time around new years.

With CROW’s anime finishing, it has to be either Zombie Gun or Reversi that gets an anime next. But the decision won’t be decided as they need more opinions.

Problem with Reversi is that it’s short and the series could end when the anime starts. Hattori’s dilemma is he doesn’t want to tell Ashirogi as they’ll definitely want the anime and may be forced to continue it for longer ruining the quality, but he can’t tell the higher ups about the shortness as it may lose him the offer. So he decides to talk it over with Ashirogi.

Ashirogi is then faced with the same dilemma of either continuing the manga for at least a year after the anime starts, or risk having the offer pulled away.

Hattori thinks it’s weird that they’re actually considering risking the quality to prolong it for the anime. So Mashiro explains to Hattori about Azuki. Hattori supports Mashiro’s dream and tells them to go for the anime and do the manga as they want.

However when Eiji hears about Reversi becoming an anime he creates many original chapters so that he can compete for an anime as well. The decision will be made by Heishi.

Later in the day, Hattori bursts into Ashirogi’s studio with news of the anime adaptation.


Another episode with a short break in the story in the first half. This did happen in the manga, and in my view it was because the authors wanted to extend this arc a bit, ironic with what’s happening in the story. But I don’t think it was done to the story’s detriment as these are nice breaks. These breaks are rarely seen in Bakuman and so are welcomed. With this arc being what seems like the peak of the story, I think it’s fine to allow a bit of an extension, especially if it’s to reminisce about the start of the story, almost as though pointing to the story’s end.

Nice attempt by Hattori to keep them calm, but he should’ve known better that they’d freak out as soon as he said the word anime. Though then again, there isn’t any better way to put it to them, he’ll have to get past that initial excitement somehow. He did a fine job, can only blame Ashirogi for being too optimistic.

I find it ‘nice’ that Mashiro finally told Hattori about his dream and that Hattori supports him. Perhaps he saw how adult he’s become and realised he’s forgotten about the youthful spirit and optimism that he now sees in Ashirogi and may have had himself. So he’s willing to give them this chance. You know, I think many of us around the age of 20 ish would think we’re still young and got that youthful spirit and don’t want to become that boring adult we see in suits everyday following the rules and doing what’s needed. I know I don’t, but I guess when you get to that age, it isn’t something you can stop, it’ll probably come naturally. Of course you can fight it and those who succeed will probably have a more colourful and fulfilled life than those who follow the status quo. Just a bit of ‘philosophy’, if you will, from me.

Anyway, it’s been a short episode storyline wise but it looks like we have a big update regarding the anime. Or we will next episode, which is more than likely a yes. If Hattori has to come barging into their house to tell them about it then it’s gotta be a yes. Otherwise he’d break the news over the phone to avoid seeing their depressed faces, as hilarious as they are. Although that said, I do think Eiji have a somewhat stronger case because he can make TV original storylines, however I also think that they’ll feel and will be fillers so I wouldn’t advise it if I was chief editor. Even if they’re good fillers, still got Reversi on the table who probably has none, so that’s a better choice in the end. I dunno, I thought Eiji was better until I thought myself out of it and now they’re both actually pretty even. But either way, Hattori’s come so it’s more than likely good news for Ashirogi.

So with the anime probably decided, Azuki looks like she’ll finally be back in the picture, and not a moment too soon. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed the hilariously awkward romance between Mashiro and Azuki seeing as it was the main thing that attracted me to this anime.