Well, I’m not really trying for this week, so I’ll just give you one of my “backup” songs, so to speak.

I think this “weekly song on an author rota” thing isn’t going to go too well from now on, so expect just Lucretia and I to be lighting up your lives with music. But I could be wrong, if anyone else wants to fill in some weeks, they’re free to.

Anyway. Onto this week’s SOTW. My inspiration came after being told the BLOOD-C film was subbed and I should watch it. I thought to myself: “Yeah, but I preferred BLOOD+ much more.” Thus, what you’ll be listening to is my favourite theme of BLOOD+, ‘SEASON’S CALL’ by HYDE. As in, HYDE of l’Arc~en~Ciel. Yes, correct, that’s why it’s awesome.

So let’s get on with it:


TV Version


Full Version