Kai’s Shadow

Key Events

It’s confirmed Morikawa is using Kai’s deck as his drive check reveals a Dragonic Overlord The End. The duel plays out rather evenly until Morikawa draws The End and takes a good advantage but Aichi manages to guard and survive. Aichi breaks ride second time in a row with Solitary Liberator Gancelot to win the match.

With that win, their cardfight club is formed and they have an advisor, Nakamurabashi. He knows nothing about Vanguard so Komoi thinks something odd’s going on.


Nice to see The End back in the anime, and weirdly enough the card only just got released in English. Coincidence perhaps? I think it looks more like advertising to me, however The End lost, but mixing The End in with the current cards does show how you can easily mix in old cards with new. I’m not counting The End out seeing as it was Morikawa using it, I think Kai would’ve played a little differently.

With The End appearing, it ends this, what I consider to be, arc. Their club is formed, earlier than I thought, and as Komoi rightly put it, they’ll be looking for school tournaments to enter and progress with the story. I didn’t see the preview, but I’m predicting the next episode to be ‘filler-ry’ to mark a break between the arcs, or perhaps setting up the next arc with a big tournament announcement or something. Or so I’m hoping.

I’m currently wondering about that advisor. I don’t think we’ll see much of him but that makes me wonder why they introduced him. I agree with Komoi that he shouldn’t be trusted, especially with the council looking as though they have more up their sleeve. They gave in too easily, though they couldn’t really say no after agreeing to the terms.

So yeah, onto tournaments hopefully, nothing new in this episode apart from the club setting up, which we all expected, so not much to say. I will however say that Gancelot’s breakride’s pretty nice, but I think you all gathered by now that I think any card that gives rearguards 5k power is pretty nice.