Not sure if I said, but I just bought myself a new computer and as such needed to migrate my itunes library over meaning that on the ‘date added’ tab, everything became the same. And as with a lot of my other SOTWs I refer to my itunes library for inspiration. This week is no different as the first song that came up after migrating my library over was Namae no nai Kaibutsu by EGOIST, the ending theme to Psycho Pass.

You know how a lot of these songs get popular because that anime’s fans will like the music because it relates to the anime? Well, whilst that has been how I pick some of my songs, it’s not how I pick the majority, I usually give all the OPs and EDs of a season a listen before I see which ones I like, which ones I might blog, which ones I may buy etc. I’ve never seen Psycho Pass, and I don’t think I ever will, but this song’s a nice song. EGOIST as always does well to build up a song by starting off slow and soft whilst going to a faster paced singing and ‘upping the tempo’ as it were, then slowing it slightly before finishing it off. Seen that in a couple of her songs already and I quite like it. I guess you could say I went for this song because of the artist rather than the anime. One factor I like EGOIST is probably because of her voice always seem to contrast with heavier songs but it oddly fits so well. She sounds more at home with songs like Euterpe but I prefer her going for these types of songs.