Who’s the Vice-captain?

Key Events

Before club activities can begin, they must decide on a captain a vice-captain. Aichi becomes the captain and whilst Komoi wants to be the vice-captain the advisor decides to put it off until the next day.

Akari tells Misaki to become the vice-captain and Takuto tells Kourin to give it a shot.

So after a good night’s sleep, everyone volunteers to be the vice-captain next day’s. The only way to decide is vanguard. It’s Komoi vs Misaki and Kourin vs Naoki, with the winners facing off.

Kourin and Misaki win but don’t face each other as they see Naoki’s passion for vanguard and allow him to be the vice-captain.


If you ask me, I think the vice captain should’ve gone to Komoi. Sure passion is one thing, but I really liked Komoi’s ambition. Plus Komoi has the knowledge of the Vanguard world, I’d prefer someone who knows his stuff to be in charge to organize events and guide people the right way rather than a newbie. Aichi doesn’t look like the type to take charge so I’d say Komoi would’ve logically been the better choice. But I guess logic was overturned by emotion this time. And I suppose giving Ishida this confidence boost into Vanguard is a good thing, and also everyone else will be there to help out so I think Komoi will still play a vital role in ‘fixing up’ things to do.

Since they now need to be in student council meetings, that’s probably the council’s next plan to disband the club. By setting unreachable targets or again having them face strong enemies with conditions that if they can’t reach their goal they’ll be disbanded. That’s what I think they’ll be planning.

Irritating thing is that the inevitable Misaki vs Kourin duel was yet again delayed, almost as if the anime’s teasing us about it. It will happen I’m sure… But for now it looks like they’re going to pay a visit to the middle school section of Miyaji academy and get beat up by little girls. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping, that Komoi and Ishida both are beaten by Emi and Mai. Would be fun to see Komoi’s reaction.

I think it’s gonna be easy going for a long time now anyway. Doesn’t look like they’re even making an effort to get into anything big. So oh well, relax and enjoy for now.