Mic and Script

Key Events

With the story of how Azuki and Mashiro’s dream started spreading in the news, he gets the okay from his mum. And because of their ‘pure’ relationship, she’s actually gained some popularity.

A drastic change for the role of Naho in Reversi as the animation staff suggests a public audition on TV and the internet. Of course people might not vote by skill as there are still bad opinions of Azuki, however Mashiro decides that she will get through the audition and agree to the live audition.

20 candidates line up for the audition and Azuki, as expected, gives a splendid performance. However she makes, what seems to be, a mistake, but it was actually the script’s mistake because of a misprint.

Because of her amazing performance, Azuki wins the audition with an overwhelming lead.


Quite late now, but I only just realized that the anime missed out one of the final arcs, the Nanamine one. Which disappointing to say, I quite enjoyed. I think they also missed out something else along the way, which makes me wonder why they couldn’t have slowed this down, dragged out the story and make it have more depth to finish off in another season but only 12 episodes long. I’m sure everyone’s aware at my criticisms to this season being a bit too fast in many places and not giving enough time to really engage the viewer. I don’t see the need to damage the quality of the series to push it to finish it off this season. That’s how I feel about how this season’s gone in any case.

I think again this episode showed the speed the season moved at. Although it could be just me as I remembered the voice acting auditions were much more tense than this in the manga. Maybe it was the way it was drawn. I just felt that they placed too much emphasis on how amazing Azuki was so we already knew that she was going to win almost without a fight, I mean yeah that was the case in the end but the other voice actors didn’t do that badly. The results wasn’t really a reflection of the performances, even after the trouble of naming some of the other voice actors and all that hype that some may not vote for Azuki, it was too easy to see that her performance, the only one that the anime concentrated on, was the best. Maybe this was intended and I’m only complaining because it didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

So with all that out of the way the dream is complete it’s only 2 more episodes, I can’t remember the ending exactly but I certainly don’t remember it being worth 2 episodes. A big congratulations next episode probably and see how Azuki does the voice acting and of course see Mashiro and Azuki finally meet again. The romance is finally back, just a shame it won’t last very long. Oh well, I’m still enjoying it even with my small irks here and there. All I hope is that it’s not too dragged out in the next two episodes, then again they still have the shortness of the manga to sort out, so I guess that’s one thing for next episode. Reactions won’t be favorable for that probably.

Note: Apologies for lack of blogs, I did mention my interview last Thursday, but then I had something straight away this Wednesday so couldn’t do anything until now. But I’m back now, hopefully anyway, need to catch up on Amnesia.