Idol Fight

Key Events

Komoi teaches Ishida about Ultra-rare as he doesn’t know who Rekka was. Wanting to make it 3 wins for the Vanguard circle Rekka decides to play and Aichi steps up. Putting on the cutesy act, Rekka manages to ‘woo’ Komoi.

Aichi of course wins the match and Misaki tells the others that Emi is Aichi’s sister.

That ends their middle school excursion.


A slight let down in that there was no reaction from Komoi about Emi being Aichi’s sister. The self proclaimed Aichi fan has switched to being a Rekka fan after all. Gonna be weird seeing how that’s going to play out especially with Rekka probably staying out of the scene most of the time. So I suppose that means we can ignore it for now. At least we gathered that Komoi likes the cutesy type, probably why he didn’t have any interest in Kourin.

Like I said last episode, it looks like they’re reintroducing all the old characters. Next episode preview shows AL4 and Leon also making an appearance. We probably won’t be getting into anything new until all these reintroductions are complete. Which I hope is because the anime is setting up everything for a big new thing, whatever that is.

Update: Because there isn’t much else to say for this episode, want to make a quick update on why I’m still a bit slow on blogs and why I haven’t got next season’s preview up yet. Well, I’ve just been made a full time job offer which starts in September, so no worries there, I’m still here for now. But that does mean I will be taking some time out to celebrate here and there and there are also quite a bit of paperwork and accommodation stuff that needs to be sorted out. So whilst I should become less busy soon, I will be more busy for a while first. I plan to have my preview up by this Easter weekend, for those who celebrate it. If not, I may be posting it when the new season starts. The rest of my blogs will slowly be posted as I find time to write them. That’s it for now, I’ll get the others up soon.