Key Events

According to the diary the heroine was going to confess to Toma her love for him. However before she could read further Toma appears after chasing her to her house. He reads the dairy and finds out that she was only seeing Ikki so she could plan out a good way to tell Toma her feelings. He apologizes for everything he’s done.

Because of a small injury, the heroine is back in hospital again. Ikki and his fan club comes to visit who all apologize for the misunderstanding as they assumed Ikki liked the heroine.

At night, the green haired guy appears, carries her to the roof and drops her down to her death.

She ‘wakes’ up in a burning church trying to escape as the green haired guy appears again. Then she ‘wakes’ up again in her room, August 1st.

Calendar says she’s working today so she heads out. First person she meets is the green haired guy. He tells her not to go to university, which was where she was heading first, and leaves.

It was a good warning as there was an explosion at university. Green haired guy comes to the cafe and also follows the heroine home and saves her from some falling girders. Time and time again more warnings from him saves her from more incidents.

They walk home together one day and he realizes that she doesn’t remember anything. As they pass by some tram lines, the heroine’s shoe gets caught in the tram lines, but he manages to get her out before a speeding tram could kill her. He then tells her that this world is trying to kill her. Many disasters will befall on her so she needs to be careful. He also tells her that he’s her boyfriend and his name is Ukyo.


The clear up was a little easier than I thought it’d be. So basically she likes Toma and was talking with Ikki to help plan how best to express her feelings.

Ukyo explained ‘nicely’ why she’s dying so much, this world wants to kill her, or is it just that world she’s in currently…? It is other people killing her rather than freak accidents in the others I suppose. But yeah, great explanation, makes me feel satisfied as it was an amazing explanation that tied everything together and really made me think… sarcasm if you can’t tell by reading.

My thinking behind Ukyo is that he has two separate personalities, both that ‘loves’ her, however one wants to kill her and one that wants to protect her. But why killing? Perhaps his reasoning is similar to Toma’s last resort, which was ‘if I can’t have you, no one can’. I’m sure there’s a difference between protecting her and putting her in a cage. Some crazy love everywhere… trapped in a cage because of love, thrown off the hospital roof because of love, bullied because of love. Dairy saved her though so it’s still a happy ending and they’re good now which of course means moving onto the next world, dying beforehand as expected.

Green guy is last, the only guy to have some sort of consistency in this anime. I.e. completely evil and wanting to kill her half the time, and then nice and friendly the other half of the time. Which makes me think he has a split personality that he knows about, as he does seem to be the most knowledgeable on things, at least that’s the impression I get. And looking at it, this seems to be the final ‘arc’. So hopefully Ukyo, the reoccurring mysterious character will be the one to explain what’s going on. Final thing I want to make a quick comment on is why didn’t the heroine just take off her shoe when she got it stuck? Unless it’s one of those hard to get off shoes that it would probably be much faster to try and get unstuck.