3rd birthday

Happy late 3rd birthday to Lura’s Anime blog! Pat myself on the back for getting through this tough time of job hunting and blogging. But it’s finally over! As you all know I got my job and now I can relax and catch up with my blogs.

Wow 3 years already gone by. That’s how long it’s going to take me to train to become a professional at what I’m going to do. It’s been fast, so fast that I had forgotten hence the belated birthday post. Only a week late though, and it has been an awesome week for myself as I’m sure you’re all aware. So I hope the blog will forgive me for not remembering as I’ve been under so much stress and pressure, but it’s all finally gone now.

Not much in terms of updates, yes I’m behind, mentioned that a couple of times but I am going to catch up now. Enough celebrations I think, though you can never celebrate enough. So I’ll get to catching up on everything and finishing off this season. New season is upon us I know that as well, late with my season preview, that will be posted tomorrow, I have just finished it. This will likely be the last season I can properly blog as I will be going into three years of hard work and training. But for now I have no intention of shutting down the blog. Even if I can only blog one anime, it is too much a part of my life to throw away and it’s also helped get me the job as it’s always a talking point. I’ll say more regarding my plans in my season preview blog. And that’s it in terms of updates regarding the blog.

So, updates now regarding blogs individually. I believe Raven still has his ending quiz to do. No idea when that’s going to be coming out or even whether he’ll do it or not, when it comes out it will be quite sudden as he is sporadic when it comes to doing things. A Blood C movie review will be coming out soon by Kirayoshi I believe, again, dunno when, it’ll be blogged when it’s blogged. I don’t really have anything interesting planned as I’m still catching up on anime. But if I do have anything I can update you anytime.

My last year as you all know has been jobs and more jobs and graduating from University. And now I’m finally going into permanent work. Looking forward to it, and I’ll keep everyone updated on how that’s going to affect the blog. I repeat, I have no intention of shutting it down.

As always thanks for all your support and keep those comments coming, if you comment, if not, keeping reading.