Reunion with the wind

Key Events:

The Miyaji vanguard club fills out an application for the high school team vanguard championship.

Komoi gives a quick explanation to the tournament. It’s a team tournament with over 4000 schools competing and they must first get through the regional tournament to get to the finals. However the region block they’re in contains schools that can easily contend for the title. One of the schools is Fukuhara high school.

And it just so happens Foo Fighters run Fukuhara so Miyaji get in for some reconnaissance with Tetsu’s help, who they meet outside.

They’re having a friendly match so Aichi and gang will spectate. As they arrive they see Asaka and Leon duel. Leon wins, although it was by a trigger. He explains that the high school tournament will allow some schools from outside Japan to participate so Leon will also be competing.

Now to see what Miyaji can do, Ishida volunteers to duel and he will face Fukuhara’s new student, Suiko Tatsunagi.


And so the much anticipated and expected school tournament is finally announced. Will be at least one episode before it kicks off with Ishida dueling next episode and it’s likely that there may be more ‘interruptions’ before we get there. Though that said, I don’t think there’re many old faces left to introduce. SIT genius and team handsome are the only other teams I can think of at the moment that still need to reintroduce themselves or declare that they’re taking part. And minor teams like Jurassic Army may say hi too, so it’s quite likely there’s going to be more episodes before the start of the tournament.

I actually thought Asaka was ‘old’, as in twenties and so was rather surprised to see her attending school still. However with that school uniform on she looks much younger. Similarly Suiko looks much younger as well, appearance wise only as I don’t know her age, or have forgotten if mentioned before. I agree that the uniform doesn’t suit her, or maybe I’m just too used to see her in that blue blouse, which made her look a lot older as I always thought she was ‘adult’ age.

Keeping on the topic of age, why is Tetsu an instructor and not a student? As far as I remember, he’s the same age as Kai and Ren, i.e. high school age. Or is it because he looks too old and is big and good at vanguard?

I find it convenient how the high school tournament is allowing foreign competitors to take part, meaning that Leon and SIT Genius can both be there. And with all this reintroduction of characters in new roles, will they actually introduce anyone new to the cast as a main character? I want them to, but maybe Komoi and Ishida are enough for this season. I guess it also depends on the seriousness of the high school tournament, if this season’s just going to be a friendly sorta tournament, as in nothing world threatening, then possibly no more new characters. But if it is someone trying to take over the world with Vanguard again, then there’s probably going to be a new villain introduced. Maybe relating to this ‘Link Joker’.

I think it’s more than likely that Ishida will lose against Suiko. It’s probably just a chance to introduce more Angel Feathers, though I think they’re strong enough as is. Then again, maybe more Narukami, although the new Eradicator archetype has only recently been released, and as I said a while ago, I quite like them. Think it would be too early to release more Narukami now so this duel’s either going to be over really quickly, and by that I mean skipping over a lot, or I think we might see some new Angel Feather. If neither happen then I may get bored of a standard match. But perhaps it could be something else altogether.