Key events

Ukyo warns the heroine about a well in a shrine and mentions something about surviving until 25th August. He also says something strange about the most dangerous thing to be around is himself.

In some dark corner of the world, Ukyo’s split personality comes in stating he wants the heroine dead, so it’s good that the world wants to kill her.

The next day, heroine sees Ukyo sleeping on the ground and wakes him up. Ukyo grabs her blaming her for everything and saying she shouldn’t be alive in this world. He then changes personality to his nice self and warns her again not to lower her guard around him.

The evil self takes over Ukyo and lures heroine out to the well she’s not suppose to go to and tries to push her down it. The good Ukyo takes back control and ‘saves’ her telling her to run.

He doesn’t meet her again, but still warns her where not to go. He calls her before the 25th telling her to stay indoors as the world will try to kill her with everything it’s got.

He texts her on the day of the 25th saying that he will die at the university and so she ventures out in a storm to get to him.

Of course, he’s ready and waiting to kill her for the last time.


Don’t think I’ve had this much frustration in an episode of anime for a long time. And it’s not even the good kind of frustration like in Kimi ni Todoke, but rather the bad kind at how irritating the heroine is. Sometimes I just don’t understand what’s going through that empty head of hers. Ukyo repeatedly warns her not to get close to him as he will kill her if his evil side gets the chance, she’s experienced that first hand being dropped from the roof of a building, and being threatened in a dark alleyway that Toma luckily made it to. So why would she still go to him even though he himself warned her about what she already knows. Okay, if they’ve actually been dating for a long time and they’ve known each other for a long time I can see why she would want to ‘help’ him but as far as her memory goes, she doesn’t even know the guy. And what’s more, he’s trying to kill you, doesn’t alarm bells ring for you to stay away as far as possible? She was wary of him when they met again so why not still wary? Just because he’s saved her a few times? So she wants to waste all of his effort and pretty much walk into her death? The most irritating thing is what she does when she gets to him. Alright if you want to save him sure, I understand that, you may have a compassionate heart and want to save anyone in pain, no problems there. You get lured in so that you can definitely meet him and then try to save him. But no! At first sight of him with a knife you run in fear for your life, what’s the point in coming out then? You know that it’s going to happen, if you can’t stop him then don’t give your life away like that. If you want to help him, be more on guard. Okay… I’ll stop my rant there, I think you get what I’m saying. She’s just really clueless and irritating me right now. Luckily it is an otome game so I don’t need to care much about the heroine.

Moving onto other matters, Ukyo says he’s experienced it, so it’s likely he’s moving through worlds as well like Orion said. And that would explain why he’s the only one in the series that seems to have any sort of continuality in between the worlds. So I don’t mind that explanation to explain him, also explains why he seems to be the one who knows everything.

How nice of Orion to say he’ll always be with her. Though I’m pretty sure he has to be with her anyway, considering no one else can see him…

Anyway, rants aside, things are finally clearing up. Still don’t know why she’s been jumping around the worlds in the first place but there is the final episode to clear that up. I think that’s pretty much the only thing left to clear up. And we’ve also gone full circle as the church fire scene pops up for the final time. Question now is will she escape, or will she jump into another world? Also if she does escape what next? There’s still the split personality evil Ukyo to deal with. Whatever happens it’s not looking good for her survival chances. Unless of course she world jumps again, like she always does when she’s about to die. But it is the last episode so that seems unlikely.