Dreams and Reality

Key Events

With Reversi’s first episode premiering, everyone gathers by their TV to watch. As it finishes, Mashiro drives to Azuki’s house with a nice foreign car and picks her up. He takes her to her old house where Mashiro first proposed the dream all those years ago and there, he repeats their dream asking Azuki to marry him.

The series ends with a wedding ceremony, but it’s Hiramaru and Aoki wedding.

After that the epilogue shows Azuki and Mashiro having moved into Azuki’s old house and are married. But everything else returns to normal in the manga world.


Well, that was a very relaxed finale to the series. They took as long as they needed, everything moved pretty slowly, given plenty of time to build up a bit for a happy and somewhat lackadaisical ending. But it did leave me feeling good after it, it wasn’t overwhelmed in emotion good or happy so I guess for some people who are looking for that joyful ending, they won’t be happy, but I like it this way. It kinda just fizzled out, if you get what I mean, and I think that way it sends a message saying that whilst the story is finished, everyone’s daily battles still go on, and whilst Azuki and Mashiro are happy now, there are hopefully more happy days ahead.

I think you all know how I feel about this season, and only this season as the other two seasons are fine. Bottom-line is, I found the pacing really horrible. It was sometimes really fast and I felt it didn’t pay enough attention to some of the more minor characters and their ordeals. It was then sometimes too slow and really dragged on making that part boring even though I didn’t think any of Bakuman is boring from the manga. But most of the anime is still well paced and I enjoyed it, it was mainly this season that ruined it a bit for me. If was I to judge Bakuman overall, I’d still say it’s definitely worth the watch, and I suppose my complaints may be your compliments. Some parts could have been sped up or slowed down for deliberate reasons as I remember commenting on how the parts can be looked at differently. Even so I still don’t believe the majority of my complaints are like that. But yes, still a high quality, well storylined manga/anime. Yes it missed out some parts from the manga, like Nanamine’s final arc but the anime and manga are in the end separate and there wasn’t anything obvious that was missing from the anime. I’ve read the manga and didn’t realize Nanamine’s arc was missing for a while meaning the anime tied things up nicely. So all in all, still highly recommended, as I’ve said before I always love an anime with the theme ‘hard work reaps high rewards’ and this anime definitely shows that.

Did anyone else think that Weiss and Schwartz looked too much like Ryuk in Reversi’s anime and also that contract rule thing looks very much like death note rules. Can’t stay away from their roots it seems.

On a random note, I just realised something about Azuki winning Naho’s role. She probably got in because of Ashirogi Muto fans. Their fans aren’t hardcore idol fans but support the authors and would logically support the author’s significant other as well. They’re the smarter group of fans at least, those who would read anything Takagi writes must have more of a brain than those hardcore idol fans.

Also at the end, was it just me or was anyone else tricked by that wedding scene. I think most of us assumed it was going to be Azuki wedding, but they had to pull a curve ball and show Aoki’s wedding. I didn’t see that coming seeing as though Aoki and Hiramaru have been married for a while so I thought they already had their wedding. Shame we didn’t see Mashiro’s, but at least we got a picture at the end of them dressed for a wedding.