Key events

Ukyo’s good self takes back control of himself and tells heroine that she was involved in an accident at the university on the 1st of August and died on the 25th after being unconscious for that long. That’s what happened the first time in this world. He wanted her to live so he traveled through different worlds to find a world where she lives through these 25 days. But in them he doesn’t exist so the world wanted to kill him. Hence if she dies he’ll live. The world is now trying to kill her at this moment because she has already died in this world, so it wants to fix that inconsistency.

Ukyo had died many times before under the same circumstances of which he was able to warn the heroine about, which is why he knew of them. And after traveling through so many worlds he realised that a world where they both live doesn’t exist. Evil Ukyo’s killed her many times before but the good Ukyo doesn’t want her to die and so has always jumped to another world so she can live.

Evil Ukyo takes another shot at killing her again but good Ukyo takes control and heroine runs for it.

The name Neil is mentioned, who is Orion’s creator. He wanted to grant Ukyo’s wish of keeping the heroine alive and so he’s the one transporting them through worlds.

Ukyo catches up to heroine and tries to stab her. But the good Ukyo takes control and stabs himself. Neither dies however as Neil saves them. Because the heroine survived, Ukyo’s wish came true granting Neil back his power.

Neil was always with Ukyo and the first time the heroine fell from that cliff, Neil moved her conscious to another world with all his power because of Ukyo’s pain of losing her. However because he used everything he had, Neil lost control causing the constant world jumping, always to August the first. Neil was also responsible for her memory loss, so he will now give her back her memories. But because of that she’ll forget Orion.

A door appears and she walks into it having to choose a route to take, who will it be?


Not sure if this fits all the criteria for a Deus ex Machina but it’s gotta be close. Some random Neil person with god like powers is suddenly revealed to have been behind everything and everything is explained through him. So, how have they been moving through worlds? Neil’s the reason. Why? Neil’s the reason again. Heroine’s meant to die, how is she surviving? Guess who, Neil. And heroine and Ukyo even survive the world’s wrath because of Neil. This all powerful being just jumps in explains and solves everything. We don’t even meet this almighty being either. The only part that was logical was the world wanting to kill one of them as they can’t both be alive in the same world. Well, I guess I wasn’t exactly expecting some sort of detailed scientific reason, so I suppose this will suffice. they didn’t leave much time for a good reason and it wasn’t really built up, so couldn’t link things together like a good ending.

Her cluelessness irritated me again though, still attempting to help the very person who will kill her, and I do emphasis attempting as she wasn’t able to do anything apart from causing his death. So a well done there, however Neil’s almighty power saved them both so all’s well that ends well…

I think I’ve made my disappoint clear throughout the majority of this series. All the stories were shallow and lacked depth. That’s mainly because of a lack of episodes to complete them, so they felt like skipping stones on the surface of the water that could’ve been a deep and interesting story. And because of that it made it boring, especially after the initial interest of what’s going on wore off and they started to ‘concentrate’ on individual characters and their storylines which were all cut short. I think if this was 20+ episodes it would’ve been better, provided there was enough story for each person to stretch to that many episodes. That is the risk you run if you stretch it, that it doesn’t get boring. Which reminds me of Amagami SS, that was also split into separate arcs for each character and had about 4 episodes per person. I think that was enough episodes for each character to get into and I do remember I enjoyed some characters but didn’t like some others. At least that way I was at least be able to get into the stories and can decide whether I like them or not. Rather than not getting into the stories at all and disliking it altogether.

The main character was also another cause for irritation. Too passive and clueless, sure a lot of that wasn’t her fault but she definitely could’ve been faster at thinking things rather than just going with whatever was thrown her way. Made her seem unimportant, like a small boat being thrown around by the strong waves at sea. And even when she acted on her own accord she was pretty much useless. I know it’s an otome game so the main character plays a somewhat minor role than other main characters but this is the worst main character I’ve seen from an otome game turned anime. However the shallow stories made me notice the bad protagonist more and I suppose the amnesia had a hand in destroying her personality as well. Still, I don’t think that’s an excuse to make the heroine this bad. Though I’ll be honest I haven’t watched that many otome game anime.

A final small thing was I was wondering was why Ukyo talked so much when he was about to die. It was a long speech even by long death speech standards. Was thinking it was maybe to keep her there so she doesn’t try to escape and fall off the stairs and die by the world’s wrath before midnight.

So to sum it up, it was a disappointing series, it definitely had good potential as my initial interest was there. Just didn’t deliver in my opinion. But I still gotta compliment the art as however much I was disappointed, I still loved the character designs.