I think I’ll keep this nostalgia going, at least for this week. Just had a beyblade metal fury dub marathon after having been unable to watch it for about 2 months due to all the reasons I’ve stated recently and me forgetting about it for a while too. So of course with my SOTW coming up, it easily led me to realise that there hasn’t been a beyblade theme SOTW yet. One of the last remaining anime of my childhood that’s not on the SOTW list, so here’s beyblade’s very first dubbed theme song, Let’s Beyblade by Sick Kid ft Lukas Rossi.

And whilst I’m here I’ll give a quick update on blogging matters. With Bakuman and Amnesia finale blogs up, I’ve finally caught up to the new season. Vanguard blog will be up shortly and then I will be on track again. So far for this new season I have decided to blog Devil Survivor 2 as I quite liked the first episode and want to carry on with it. But as of yet I’m still unsure what to blog for my second anime this season. I’ll continue watching the opening episodes of all anime and decide on something soon. Devil Survivor 2 will also be posted shortly.