Powerful Fighter at Fukuhara High

Key Events

Suiko and Ishida’s duel begin. Suiko wins by a huge difference in power with expert use of the damage zone with Angel Feather and continually increasing her units power and out powering Ishida’s units.

Ren appears and challenges Aichi to a duel, but jokingly retracts that offer saying to save it for the championship.

Leon tells them that because he was invited for the tournament he’s already through to the ‘proper’ part of the tournament meaning that whoever gets through the regionals will face him. Fukuhara or Miyaji, who will get through?

Key Cards Used:

Narukami Grade 3 – Armor Break Dragon:

  • [Limit Break 4] [Counter Blast (3) & Choose three cards from your hand, and discard them] Retire all fighter’s rear-guards in the front row, and this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+2 until end of turn.
  • Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)


No surprises this time as Suiko takes the win. Still sporting that powerful Angel Feather deck with the Shamsiel build. The only deck I’ve ever had a problem with in tournaments. They can very easily increase their power as you saw in the episode and force you to have to use 15k guard for every attack if used correctly. Which as you can imagine is very irritating to face especially when they load it with 8 crit triggers. Good to see that build is still as strong as ever. Only weak point I’d say is Shamsiel’s low base power. 10k is easy for the opponent to make you guard with 15ks as 20k attack is easy to do.

One thing that did come from this episode was a new Narukami card. I did say I didn’t think there’d be new Narukami seeing as Eradicators was recently released. But it was only a single card, not a big new archetype or something powerful enough to win against Suiko. Although it is a game changing card with a big risk. Three cards is very precious in any deck that doesn’t draw very well, and in my opinion Narukami isn’t a very good drawing deck. To use its ability like this you should be relatively sure your attack will go through, something like the opponent only has 5 or less cards in their hand. I think that’s a good enough amount to judge his guarding ability. Of course if he has a perfect guard then that’s just unlucky. It is an all in card that can for desperate times or a rush card to try and finish the game early on. Whatever you choose though you’ll be three cards down for the enemy’s attack. A huge disadvantage which is why I don’t think this card is overpowered, plus you may have to kill your own units as well, powerful yes, but I think still balanced. Of couse, don’t underestimate it, if you stack 8 crits into your deck, which is likely being Narukami and 4 draws, I think it’ll work quite well. Plus if you draw a crit on Armor Break’s drive with its ability that’s already 4 crit, even if your opponent keeps getting heal triggers they’d no doubt want to guard it so not running the risk of being beaten by a trigger. Hence the game changer part, with the 10k power boost and whatever rear-guard boost and maybe even a break ride boost, this card will become more or less impossible to guard without a perfect defense. Play it right and it’s a perfect game changer.

Apart from that, I’m yet again unable to find more to comment on. And it looks like my ‘troubles’ will continue as it seems to be entering a somewhat filler period before the actual tournament. Which depending on the length of the season could be the main focus of the season. Meaning that they’re gonna slowly build up to it, and by slowly I mean very slowly. Probably gonna see some sort of training camp beforehand because as we saw in the last few episodes Komoi and Ishida are definitely not up to scratch. But before that it seems like we’ve got a play coming up next episode. A bit of fun and relaxation by the looks of it, but a shame there’s no dueling by the looks of it. Better be fun though, I don’t do well with fillers or anything close to a filler.