Melancholy Sunday

Key Events

Hibiki Kuze and Daichi Shijima meet after school on a Sunday. Elsewhere a video predicting their death is played.

The two go to a restaurant and talk about ‘Nicaea’ a site that will give you a video of your friend’s death.

Another character is introduced later at the subway station, Io Nitta. They then receive a video from Nicaea of each other dying, crushed by an oncoming derailed train. Feeling anxious Hibiki wants to get out, but it’s too late as the train comes on cue and kills them.

Their phone plays them a message from Nicaea asking if they want to live. They answer yes.

Hibiki, Daichi and Io survive somehow but are now surrounded by random monsters. Io is cornered but accidentally summons a monster from her phone. It holds off the other monsters so the three of them can escape out of the subway to find Shibuya in ruins.

They figure out that the app they just downloaded summoned monsters that protect them. Hibiki’s app however hasn’t been fully downloaded.

A random mix of authorities try to wrestle for control of the situation as electronic signals are completely wiped out.

Hibiki, Daichi and Io decide to go to Io’s place to check on the safety of her family. As the three find a quiet place to rest, a new monster descends, explodes and starts shooting missiles killing everyone.

Io summons her monster to protect herself as she’s injured, but it dies after a few shots. Hibiki receive a video of Daichi’s death. Daichi then drives a truck from out of nowhere into the monster and explodes. Hibiki summons out Byakko which easily kills the monster and Daichi’s saved by Io’s second monster.

After that they are taken into custody by JP’s, Japanese Meteorological Society.


If I didn’t have my friend to explain what everything’s about, I think I’d be very lost. Although that’s not always a bad thing for the first episode. I think they threw a lot into the first episode hoping the lure of what’s going on will grab the viewer’s attention. And it’s more than likely that the next episode will calm down a lot to explain. Which again is perfectly fine, I know a lot of people only give their anime 1 episode to impress, but with this much going on I think it’s likely many will give the second episode a look to see what’s going on before deciding to continue or drop the series. I took a shortcut and got my friend to explain everything so I knew I was interested in seeing the rest of the series from this episode hence why I’ve decided to blog it.

I would talk about the differences between the game and the anime, but since I’ve not played it I got nothing to say. However I made a note to comment on this because I have read from various places that game ‘purists’ didn’t like how some things were done, how some things didn’t happen, how Hibiki got a powerful monster right off the bat etc. Whatever was different they didn’t like it. But hey, this is supposed to be different, even I was warned it was going to be different, not that I cared as I don’t know the differences. Anyways, my point is, and this is a point I wanted to make for a while as it applies to a lot of things, that just because they’ve adapted the original thing to a different story doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. This of course applies to manga turned anime which go for another story rather than the original manga story and then we start having purists complaining there. Personally I prefer it if it was a different story, if I wanted the same story I’ll read the manga/play the game again, I like seeing a secondary story based on the characters and story concept. Though if that turns out to be poorly made and rubbish, then that’s a different story altogether. So yeah, this is a message to all those purists out there, just because it’s not the original story, doesn’t mean you should criticize and write it off your list instantly. Give it a chance.

The annoying thing is now that everything’s been explained to me I can’t really comment as I’ll be spoiling it for those who don’t know anything and it’s always difficult to pretend you don’t know what’s going on, more so that I heard it just before writing this blog. So I’ll give some general comments without divulging too much into the storyline.

The episode as I previously said was quite packed with stuff, and that definitely drew me in as with everything going on I wanted to know what was happening. So I think the fast pacing worked well here, as opposed to the slow calm introductory type start that is the other option for starting a story. For a demon invasion type story starting fast is probably the best idea to ‘dive’ into the action so to speak. From what you can tell, that dead face delivery service is something that predicts how someone will die and reminds me of final destination. I thought the animation was good too, the battles, from what I saw, was smooth and the art whilst a bit mundane, was still high quality. Not too much to say on character designs, all pretty plain so far, apart from I thought the bunny ear hoody was kinda cute.

Maybe I’m too into the concept of summoning monsters to battle other monsters and could be slightly biased here. But in either case, this opening episode is pretty good. I’m looking forward to more and seeing how the anime explains everything as it could be different. One thing I didn’t find out from my friend as I forgot to ask was why is there a demon invasion. Seems somewhat organized to be random attacks, and that wouldn’t make for a fun story, so I think some big evil guy is behind it all. More than likely the case anyway. And also I’m interested in what the days mean seeing as this episode was a Sunday.