Well, I wanted to continue this nostalgic train of thought from previous songs of the week. I thought “Hey, I remember that anime series ‘Flint The Time Detective’ from around 2000 on Fox Kids, that had a pretty good English opening theme. I wonder what it’s Japanese theme is like?”

…Turns out it’s not that good. So here we are with the English one.

Flint The Time Detective (Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun to those who actually saw this in Japanese) is a pretty cool series, drawing points from a few major successful series. A spiritual successor of sorts to ‘Time Bokan’, with the main character (Flint/Genshi) looking a bit like a young Son Goku, gathering (or collecting) small monster-like creatures that can “evolve”, so to speak, into larger and more powerful forms. Through time! And space, apparently.

Whilst it’s cool and all, the Japanese opening doesn’t really fit right. It might be because it was the company’s only shounen series, which would explain a bit. But because of that, I for once strayed away from Japanese lyrics and went purely for the tongue-in-cheek brilliance of the English version. Let’s see this tickle your fancy.


English Opening


For those wondering, no. I can’t find the artist. Or the song name. The internet’s big, and this is like looking for a microbe in a universe. But if any of you can find anything, I am open to being enlightened.

So, yes. In conclusion, this is a series everyone should at least try. It’s a caveboy timetraveling to collect cute little monsters and save them from a comedic villainous trio. How is this not enticing you?!