Poison Kiss

Key Events

Haruka has graduated from Saotome as a composer, and will now attend the ‘Master Course’ at The Shining Agency which is the help new people who have only just debuted.

After getting to the agency she makes her way to the Master Course dorms and meets all the members of Starish along the way. She encounters Otoya Ittoki, Shou Kurusu, Natsuki Shinomiya, Tokiya Ichinose, Masato Hijirikawa, and Ren Jinguji in that order on her way to her room.

When everyone gathers together their old principal arrives in style and introduces a few current pros who’ll be able to help them. They are Kotobuki Reiji, Kurosaki Ranmaru and Mikaze Ai. Ranmaru and Ai aren’t impressed and this kicks off a rivalry between the two groups. Worse still, they need to share rooms with their ‘seniors’.

At the end of the episode Haruka is reunited with Cecil.


A very relaxed approach to this opening episode. Probably because it’s a continuation so no huge developments until the end. Gave a reintroduction of all the main characters one by one and showed off a bit of their personal characteristics to remind us of what they were like with the focus remaining on the heroine Haruka. The ever funny chibi art returns as well and always good to see the eccentric principal drop in on the scene.

So after making it finally onto the professional scene it looks like it’s going to be dealing with competition first. And their first rival is their new seniors, QUARTET★NIGHT, I believe their name is. I have to say I quite like them already just with a peek at their first song.

However, STARISH is receiving reinforcements in the form of Cecil, who I actually can’t remember. And that means they have enough members to make up the word STARISH as demonstrated in the opening song.

I find it strange how Haruka was always so surprised whenever she bumped into someone she knew as though she didn’t expect them to be there, even though she knew they’re going to be there. And because of that it made all of the reunions and reintroductions a bit forced rather than it feeling natural, which in my opinion would’ve made it better. But that’s only a small point.

It’s a typical first episode of a sequel, nothing story changing or huge developments. So not much to say, but I will say I’m looking forward to seeing more of QUARTET★NIGHT and I wonder where’s their fourth member, unless I was seeing things during their dance. Not too excited about Cecil at the moment only because I’ve forgotten who he is, once I remember I’m sure that’s something to look forward to too.