Monday of Upheaval – I

Key events:

The three are taken away handcuffed, phones confiscated and Io and Daichi are locked up whilst Hibiki is taken elsewhere. As they only want to explain everything to Hibiki.

The woman who captured them introduces herself to Hibiki as commander Makoto Sako of JP’s. They maintain Japan’s barrier that’s supposed to stop demons, aliens etc who want to invade the country.

JP’s bureau chief, Yamato Hotsuin introduces himself and was the one who wanted to see Hibiki for summoning Byakko. No one at the Tokyo bureau can call out anything to match it.

The summoning app on the phone has been developed for the purpose of calling out demons to prepare for this calamity. They now have 6 days to defeat everything that comes at them otherwise the world will be destroyed. Their enemies are called the Septentriones and JP’s ask for Hibiki’s help.

After analysing the phones, it seems their summoning app is different to the ones that JP’s use. Their app assess the user’s ability, converts it to a number which can then be used to ‘bid’ at a demon auction. Unless you’re a powerful summoner, any demons that appear will kill you.

Hibiki decides to cooperate if JP’s let them all out safely. On their way back ‘home’, the road is destroyed and Io is worried about her parents. So they visit the local emergency shelter to try and gather information. They are handed their phones back which are now linked with JP’s so they can contact them if needed.

After a while at the shelter a demon breaks through the window and attacks. Hibiki calls out Byakko to fight but finds it difficult to handle a huge flock of flying demons. Sako comes to help and destroys the source of the demons as Byakko clears out everything else. The people at the shelter are afraid of Hibiki but a little boy thanks him. The three all go back to JP’s and agree to help them protect the world.

The next step, after being told JP’s main professor, Fumi Kanno, has disappeared when Septentriones started appearing, is to find her.


There’s too much talk about JP’s being selfish and I don’t think all of those accusations are justified. They have their job to do and it is not evacuation. If they focus on evacuation they won’t be able to fight the enemies and it could create an opening for their enemies. There are other organisations or groups of people that are supposed to deal with evacuation, or at least there should be. That’s the best way to deal with these situations to divide specialists to do their specialist stuff. And I also agree with their defense against Hibiki’s accusation of that they shouldn’t have alerted everyone about this invasion as it can cause panic which is true, you don’t want to cause any worry to the everyday lives of citizens as there’s nothing they can do apart from evacuate to another place. But then the demons could just choose another place to invade. It also reminds me of the nuclear power plant stuff after the tsunami in Japan when they ask the question, how do you evacuate some place like Tokyo. But of course people will argue that with enough time and preparation it is doable, though I still think that won’t solve anything as that makes another place more populated and an easy target for an attack if these demons are organised. Another reason why I don’t think they should alert anyone is the fact that I don’t think anyone will believe them. I think it’d be useless nowadays to try and convince the public a massive demonic invasion will befall the earth on a certain day. Who would believe such fantasy in the first place? And then people may start talking crap about JP’s which could undermine their authority when the invasion does occur. It could also backfire when the people see that JP’s are also using demons and go against them. So yeah, I think it’d be too risky to tell anyone and the best solution is to deal with it as it happens.

Explanations came out as expected in this episode. The 7 days to kill 7 of those big boss monsters explains the days in the episode titles. I’m assuming the entire series features only 7 days and each day will be featured as a new episode title. Still, 7 days isn’t a lot, especially considering the main characters are only high school children. They need to first take everything in, accept it as is and then go on and be entrusted to save the world. Suppose it’s easier to take in everything at such a young age when you’re more likely to believe in things. But of course it’s a lot of pressure to be putting on some kids. Oh well it’s not in real life these kids can do whatever. A pretty typical setting if I’m honest, but works.

Seeing people praying to god as usual. Only in time of desperation do you look to someone with more power, and when it’s something of higher power you’re dealing with, the only thing you can do is pray for god, the power that’s supposedly above all… well I guess there’s nothing wrong with wanting to depend on someone.

I always love how dramatically they drop things, I wonder if the script writers deliberately wrote in for Hibiki to get the bottles of water so he can drop it later.

Was a good episode again, the explanations didn’t take as long as I thought i.e. the entire episode, and they still managed to fit in another battle, showing off Byakko’s power and Hibiki’s determination. Also found that Daichi’s all talk, wanting to get people out of harm’s way yet he’s the one that seems to want to run for it the most. Can’t help anyone that way, fighting now’s the best chance to help. Sure you didn’t want this power, but now that you have it, make the best of it. Hibiki at least sounds like he has a strong sense of justice, and enough power to save the world.