Reincarnation of Love

Key Events

Seems that the meeting with Cecil turned out to be only a dream.

The principal asks Haruka to write another song for STARISH.

Haruka finally meets Cecil in person as he sings a song for her. The principal arrives in style, and introduces Aijima Cecil to everyone as the Prince of Agnapolis and a new student on the master course.

No need for introductions from everyone else as Cecil knows everyone already.

A new character, Camus, the other member of QUARTET★NIGHT, makes an appearance declaring him to be the senior helping Cecil. But Cecil doesn’t want a senior as he doesn’t want to be an idol, but just wants to sing Haruka’s songs. He also believes he can sing better than STARISH. So Camus sets a challenge between STARISH and Cecil, a huge game of Karuta. Cecil falls into a small pond during the game and runs away at the sight of fish.


Well it was a pretty fun episode, but makes me wonder if an entire episode was needed to introduce Cecil. Though I guess it is seeing as people will have forgotten who he is, I know I did and after looking back at his story using various sources in the first season I only remember he was a cursed cat. Or rather a cursed human turned cat.

So yeah, he wasn’t very well introduced in the first season and we need more reminding than the members of STARISH who we all remember very well. I think it’s fair to say the series want to introduce him as a completely new character with a bit of backstory, i.e. the things from last season. So I think I’m safe to not remember him and just treat him as a new character.

He’s an interesting guy, very athletic, swinging around the trees like Tarzan. Which made me wonder how he dropped into the water, thought he’d jump and then latch onto something else. Very straight forward guy too, don’t need to say how I picked that up. And we got a cliche trip over into guy’s arm scene.

Let’s not forget Camus who finally appeared. I wasn’t wrong when I didn’t spot him being with the other 3 of QUARTET★NIGHT in the first episode. Wonder how he vanished then… and why no one noticed they were short a member. Not that it matters.

That game of Karuta was interesting, if it was that. Luckily from my watching of Chihayafuru I knew what it was so I understood why they were jumping around randomly looking for ‘cards’. And also a note on the ‘cards’ being turned around to look like other hiragana, shouldn’t there be a line underneath the hiragana to show the right way up? If not then I think they should be allowed to be seen as both hiraganas. If you’re unsure if it’s a 9 or a 6 and there’s no indication, then there’s no reason why you can’t assume.

Any who, by the looks of it that’s all the introductions done and we should get into the story next episode, whatever that is, should be good either way.