Monday of Upheaval – II

Key Events

The three are sent to Osaka to start their search for professor Kanno and meet Kujo Hinako and Keita Wakui. Like them, they’re also summoners who were added to the ‘force’ the day before.

Keita’s a bit uncooperative and goes out demon hunting alone.

As everyone walks into Osaka bureau’s computer room, someone’s attempting to hack down their defenses. They aren’t able to track the root of the attack and at that moment Hinako receives a death video for Keita. Hibiki pinpoints the hacker’s location by limiting their search down to areas close by as the death video is also in a location close by.

Yamato calls and orders everyone to go to the location. Hibiki gets someone to tell Keita not to go there as he’s realised the death videos are the future, one that they can avoid.

The call can’t get through as Keita’s attacked so everyone rushes there to try and make it on time. Io, Hibiki, Daichi and Hinako make it on time to save Keita, but 8 others perished along the way.

They continue their fight and manage to find the culprit, who turns out to be professor Kanno. She’s being possessed by a powerful monster, but Hibiki manages to kill it with some strategy and Daichi destroys the computer to stop the hacking.

However the supposedly dead monster reappears and strikes Keita with lightning, killing him. It then orders Kanno to finish the job and the defense system is destroyed.

The second septentrione appears in the sky.


And here I was thinking how they were planning to suddenly introduce 8 more people into the story, but the story took the easy way out and killed them before us seeing them. Although we did get their names in the end so I guess that’s something. But it would’ve been odd to introduce 8 new people in as the anime was doing slow introductions of a few characters per episode.

I was wondering why that powerful demon that took control of the professor didn’t just kill her. That would probably save him a lot of trouble when she wakes up and uses her knowledge and expertise on the good side. I would say that I feel he isn’t the ruthless type of villain that tosses aside everything it doesn’t need, but he did just kill off one of the main cast so nonchalantly. I wonder who that demon was considering it was strong enough to deflect Byakko’s lightning. Could it be the big bad guy? Showing himself so early in the series, seems unlikely though. If anything he’s probably just another powerful demon not working for anyone but want to disrupt JP’s mission because he’s a demon and he doesn’t like humans. Maybe something along those lines, like Daemon in Digimon, if anyone remembers.

Speaking of Keita’s death, I wasn’t sure that he had died. I mean sure his eyes were open and he wasn’t moving so removes the possibility of him fainting, but I thought they must have a healer or something to revive him. However once I saw that the ending theme had removed him, I knew that he’s probably dead. Very interesting turn of events, introduced him, 20minutes later, killed him. I kinda like that, it’s the ‘keep the viewer on their toes’ strategy that none of the main characters are safe sorta thing. Although that said, I doubt anyone got attached to Keita anyway seeing as he was only in it for an episode and we didn’t see much of him due to his demon hunting roaming. So I dunno, if they were going for that surprise effect, I don’t think many of us were affected because we didn’t have the time to connect with him. Unless you’ve played the game and saved him. But for me, his death had minimal impact. At least it keeps up the tension.

We got a first look at that demon auction thing, makes me wonder if they’ll be using it more. Surely Daichi will considering his demons are weaklings that can’t do anything. He needs to get something stronger. And perhaps Hibiki will buy a demon more powerful than Byakko and summon both to fight what seems like the next boss high in the sky.

I feel some more characters are going to be introduced next episode as the next boss appears. With how Byakko’s struggling a little against mass amounts of demons, they’re gonna need the reinforcements, if not new characters, maybe Makoto or perhaps even Yamato may pop around to join the party. If no one comes, then Hibiki will need to show some strategical prowess fighting a huge thing in the sky with only 3 people seeing as Daichi’s useless at this point.