With all the nostalgia I think it’s about time I dragged it back to modern times with the opening of a fairly recent anime that I really enjoyed. Had an interesting story coupled with lovely art and animation. I’m talking about K, and here’s the OP which I never had the chance to blog, KINGs by Angela.

I don’t know about you, but K was a great anime. The story was interesting throughout, it had really good pacing and always kept you watching. And to top it off it had the best animation quality I’ve seen for a long time. I should’ve blogged it, but by the time I knew I really liked it I was already 3 episodes in and I didn’t want to start very behind on an anime so nevermind. Telling you I loved it here is good enough, and I think you can guess I’m recommending it.

The opening theme was by Angela, an artist I know from back in 2008 with Shikabane Hime’s OP and ED. She goes much further back but I’ve never had a listen to her earlier songs, I probably should sometime as I know she’s a very versatile singer who I’ve seen sing many different interesting styles, but her voice was always kept it unique to herself.

Note: Apologies for the lateness of this week’s SOTW, I was injured on Sunday so wasn’t able to do much, but I am alright now.